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Rosa Greasley

'My research could really transform a person's life'

Rosa successfully applied for one of Hallam's fully funded Vice-Chancellors PhD Scholarships. Now, with support from the Hallam Fund, Rosa is working in the Centre for Sports and Exercise Science to improve treatments for men with prostate cancer. Rosa's survived childhood lymphoma and her experiences motivated her to pursue a research career and help the fight against cancer.

'My interest in cancer research began at the age of sixteen when I was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer called Hodgkins Lymphoma. My experience during my illness wasn't great, so I wanted to turn this experience around and bring something positive out of the situation, so I decided on a career in oncology.'

'My main area of research is in advanced prostate cancer. My work particularly focuses on exercise interventions in men with end stage prostate cancer and how excercise can improve their quality of life. There hasn't been a great amount of research done for this group of patients and they've been quite a neglected group with only a handful of therapeutic developments in recent years.'

'I applied to Sheffield Hallam because they are doing some world leading research in this area already and it was a great opportunity to join a world class research team. I feel like my experience has meant that I can offer both patient and scientific perspectives into cancer research - which is quite a rare thing.'

'All the men on board so far have been really keen to get involved in this research, they are not only determined to change themselves but also keen to be a part of something bigger. I hope that my work could really transform the quality of life of these patients.'

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