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Alexander Kalashnikov

Dr Alexander Kalashnikov

Senior Lecturer in Embedded Systems


Dr Alexander Kalashnikov graduated in Electroacoustics and ultrasonic equipment from Odessa State Polytechnic University (OSPU). He received his PhD from the Odessa State Telecommunications Academy and DSc degree from OSPU. He worked at various positions at OSPU, Loughborough University and Nottingham University.
Alexander joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2015 a Senior Lecturer in Embedded Systems.

  • About

    Alexander has over 14 years of teaching experience in the University of Nottingham at UG, PG, MSc, PGR levels. He also has over 10 years' experience of being the senior tutor for undergraduate years 3 and 4. Alexander has supervised around 100 student projects at various levels and developed three new modules that were regularly updated and featured practical coursework with take home kits.

    Dr Kalashnikov currently teaches 6 completely renewed or newly developed modules with greater focus on practical hands on sessions and coursework in the areas of embedded design, firmware development, computer architecture, and embedded networking. Alexander acts as the departmental second year tutor providing academic guidance on industrial placements. He is also a supervisor of UG and PG final year projects, and a visiting tutor for placement students.

    Teaching and Learning innovation:
    Following the award of a Lord Dearing fellowship prize in 2010, remote laboratory access for distance learning was successfully developed and demonstrated at an IEEE conference. Its development continues at SHU supported by the teaching enhancement fund and was reported at the 2016 SHU learning, teaching and assessment conference
    ( - a dedicated website that hosts relevant publication, video and other information).

    Specialist areas of interest:
    - Embedded design and firmware development;
    - Electronic and ultrasonic instrumentation;
    - Internet of things.

  • Teaching

    Department of Engineering and Mathematics

    Science, Technology and Arts

    Subject Area/Group: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    - Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE);
    - Electronic Engineering (EE);
    - Computer Systems Engineering (CSE).

    - Introduction to computer systems (Year 1), BEng (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering;
    - Microprocessor based systems (Year 2), BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering;
    - Project 2 (Year 2), BEng (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering;
    - Embedded Systems Design (Year 2) BEng/MEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering;
    - Embedded systems (Systems on chip) (Year 4), BEng (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering;
    - VLSI Design (Year 4), BEng/MEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

  • Research

    • Centre for Automation and Robotics Research
    • Materials and Engineering Research Institute

    • Developed high accuracy data acquisition architectures and embedded processing firmware that enabled step improvements in the measurement resolution and processing time for ultrasonic non-destructive testing and evaluation's instrumentation; proposed novel type of ultrasonic sensors - oscillating ultrasonic sensors for temperature and tilt measurements.

    • Published over 130 research articles, including 4 parts of books and 17 journal papers during 2001-2016, was granted 5 patents.

    • Acted as the principal investigator and co-investigator for the following research grants:
    - PI EPSRC GR/S29713/01: Advanced Architectures for Future Generation Ultrasonic Process Instruments, 2004-2007, £130k. Final report rated 4.4/5. A dedicated web site with anonymous access was developed for dissemination of the research results ( )
    - Co-I EPSRC EP/D06984X/1, Airbus, DSTL, NDT Solutions Ltd: Advanced Ultrasonic NDE of Composite Airframe Components: Physics, Modelling and Technology, 2006-2009, £339k.
    - Co-I EPSRC GR/S67081/01, BNFL, NDT Solutions Ltd: On-line measurement of pipeline contents using ultrasonic guided waves, 2003-2006, £222k.
    - Co-I KTP grant awarded to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2010-2013, 180k.

    • Presented research findings at a number of conferences, including 3 invited presentations, and was awarded a best paper prize at the IDAACS'2011 IEEE conference.

  • Publications

  • Other activities

    - Member of editorial board for Sensor Electronics and Microsystem Technology (Ukraine, ISSN 1815-7459).
    - Member of editorial board for Medical Devices: Evidence and Research (New Zealand, ISSN 1179-1470).
    - Reviewer for IEEE transactions on UFFC and I&M.

  • Postgraduate supervision

    Current students:
    - Mr Anas Hashmi (external supervisor at Nottingham University);
    - Mr Nutthawut Suchato (external supervisor at Nottingham University).

    Past students:
    - Dr Mohammad Mani (PhD 2015, Nottingham University, principal supervisor);
    - Dr He Yin (PhD 2015, Nottingham University, principal supervisor);
    - Dr Philip Popejoy (PhD 2014, Nottingham University, principal supervisor);
    - Dr Omar Sonbul (PhD 2012, Nottingham University, principal supervisor);
    - Dr Ahmad Afaneh (PhD 2011, Nottingham University, principal supervisor);
    - Dr Said Alzebda (PhD 2011, Nottingham University, principal supervisor);
    - Dr Wei Chen (PhD 2010, Nottingham University, principal supervisor);
    - Mr Omer Bener (MPhil 2008, Nottingham University, principal supervisor);
    - Mr Gustavo Arturo Sosa López (MRes 2005, Nottingham University, principal supervisor);
    - Dr Colin Horne (PhD 2016, Nottingham University, second supervisor);
    - Dr Wenjuan Weng (PhD 2014, Nottingham University, second supervisor);
    - Dr Kai Wan (PhD 2014, Nottingham University, second supervisor);
    - Dr Ian Wiggins (PhD 2012, Nottingham University, second supervisor).

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