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Dr Beth Fielding-Lloyd SFHEA

Principal Lecturer, Quality and Learning, Teaching and Assessment Lead


Beth joined the teaching team at SHU in 2004. Her main research interests are media representations and equity policies in sport. Her PhD focused on the inclusion and progression of women in football coach education. Beth also oversees the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity's quality assurance processes, with a particular focus on enhancing learning, teaching and assessment.


Beth is a Principal Lecturer in the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity at Sheffield Hallam University. She has taught and supervised students since 2002 in the social and cultural study of sport. As Quality and LTA lead Beth oversees the quality assurance of our courses and leads enhancement of our learning, teaching and assessment. Beth is an active researcher in the fields of sport inclusion and sport media. Her PhD (awarded by Manchester Metropolitan University in 2007) was a critical discourse analysis of gendered organisational practices and identities within grassroots football. Her current research interests are in the fields of equity policies and media representations of gender and nation in sport, and she continues to publish internationally. Beth has recently been working on critical analyses of the professionalisation of women's football in England and content analyses of media representations of gender at international football events.

Representations of gender and nation in sport; Women's Super League (football); Gender issues in sport; Equity policy in sport; Women working in sport organisations (coaching, playing, management)


Academy of Sport and Physical Activity

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences

The Media and Major Sport Events
UG Project supervision
PhD supervision


BA Sport Studies 

Media Discourses and Sport Journalism, UG Project supervision, PhD supervision


Key Publications

Fielding-lloyd, B., Woodhouse, D., & Sequerra, R. (2018). ‘More than just a game’: family and spectacle inmarketing the England Women’s Super League. Soccer and Society.

Lusted, J., & Fielding-Lloyd, B. (2017). The limited development of English women’s recreational cricket : a critique of the liberal “absorption” approach to gender equality. Managing Sport and Leisure, 22 (1), 54-69.

Black, J., & Fielding-Lloyd, B. (2017). Re-establishing the ‘outsiders’: English press coverage of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. International Review for the Sociology of Sport.

Fielding-Lloyd, B., & Mean, L. (2015). Women training to coach a male sport : managing gendered identities and masculinist discourses. Communication and Sport, 4 (4), 401-423.

Fielding‐Lloyd, B., & Meân, L. (2011). ‘I don't think I can catch it’: women, confidence and responsibility in football coach education. Soccer and Society, 12 (3), 345-364.

Fielding-Lloyd, B., & Meân, L.J. (2008). Standards and separatism: the discursive construction of gender in English soccer coach education. Sex Roles, 58 (1-2), 24-39.

Journal articles

Burch, L.M., Fielding-Lloyd, B., & Hayday, E.J. (2023). ‘Get back to the kitchen, cos u talk s*** on tv’: gendered online abuse and trigger events in sport. European Sport Management Quarterly.

Woodhouse, D., Fielding-Lloyd, B., & Sequerra, R. (2019). Big brother’s little sister: the ideological construction of women’s super league. Sport in Society.

Conference papers

Shafizadeh, M., Mucklow, C., Marsh, G., Churchill, S., Penitente, G., Jones, L., ... Fielding-Lloyd, B. (2023). Perceptions of barriers and facilitators to enhance applied work experience in sport science courses. In Annual Conference of Teaching and Learning, Sheffield Hallam University.

Book chapters

Fielding-Lloyd, B., & Woodhouse, D. (2023). Responsibility and progress: The English Football Association’s professionalisation of the women’s game(1st). In Culvin, A., & Bowes, A. (Eds.) Women’s Football in a Global, Professional Era. Emerald Publishing Limited:

Fielding-Lloyd, B., & Woodhouse, D. (2023). Responsibility and progress: The English Football Association's professionalisation of the women's game (First). In Culvin, A., & Bowes, A. (Eds.) Women’s Football in a Global, Professional Era. (pp. 17-31). Emerald:

Lavelle, K., Mozisek, K., & Fielding-Lloyd, B. (2022). Playing here doesn’t pay my bills: an international conversation of pay equity as a discursive practice. In Long Anderson, M. (Ed.) Social justice and the modern athlete: exploring the role of athlete activism in social change. Lanham, Maryland: Lexington:

Meân, L.J., & Fielding-Lloyd, B. (2021). Football, gender and sexism: The ugly side of the world's most beautiful game. In Butterworth, M.L. (Ed.) Communication and Sport. (pp. 313-332). De Gruyter Mouton:


Smith, D., Woodroofe, N., Little, L., Slay, O., Handforth, R., Beckingham, S., ... Ludwig, F. (2019). Research Informed Teaching a Post Graduate perspective. Sheffield Hallam University.

Theses / Dissertations

Blackshaw, S. (2016). The changing face of gambling: an investigation of serious leisure horserace gamblers. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Shibli, S., Fielding-Lloyd, B., & Woodhouse, D.

Sequerra, R. (2014). The FA women's super league : framing developments in elite women's football. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Woodhouse, D., & Fielding-Lloyd, B.

Internet Publications

Fielding-Lloyd, B., & Mean, L. (2023). Women’s World Cup: 5 issues holding back the female game.

Fielding-Lloyd, B., Woodhouse, D., & Culvin, A. (2023). Women's Sport - Department for Culture, Media and SportCommittee Call for Evidence – February2023.


Woodhouse, D., Fielding-Lloyd, B., & Sequerra, R. (2018). Big Brother's Little Sister: The Ideological Construction of Women's Super League. Presented at: Shared Solidarities: Galvanising the Women's Movement, Sheffield, UK, 2018

Woodhouse, D., Fielding-Lloyd, B., & Sequerra, R. (2017). Feminising Football and Its Fandom: The Ideological Construction of Women's Super League. Presented at: International Conference for the Sociology of Gender, Tokyo, 2017

Other activities

Editorial Board member for Communication and Sport

Postgraduate supervision

Gambling, risk and consumerism

The FA Women's Super League: Framing developments in elite women's football


Beth teaches sport sociology, focusing particularly on sports media, social inclusion and gender issues. Her research centres on women working in sport organisations, affirmative action policies in sport and the relationship between sport and the mass media. She researched representations of gender in media coverage of the London 2012 Olympics and is now doing an analysis of how both gender and the different home nations are represented in BBC Sport news.

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