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Dr Rinella Cere BA (Hons), MA, PhD

Reader in Media and Cultural Studies


I lead and teach on two third year modules, Postcolonial Media Culture and Globalisation and the Media for the BA in Media and the BA in Media and Public Relations. 

I am currently supervising four doctoral students, and I am an active member of the research centre CCRC (Communication and Computing Research Centre). I am currently developing a new module on environment, ecology and the media.


Business, Technology and Enterprise



  • postcolonial theory and media cultures
  • globalisation theories and media developments
  • italian media culture
  • international museums of cinema and film festivals

I am currently completing a major study on international museums of cinema, which involved field research in five museums at European and international level. In particular the study has researched their history, development, collections and current activities in the light of their role as cultural institutions and preservers of collective visual memory and identity.


Journal articles

Cere, R., & Bali, A.O. (2018). Reporting the Crisis in Iraq: Media Coverage of the Humanitarian Aid Effort in Kurdistan. Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, 41 (2), 85-101.

Shin, C.Y. (2009). East Asian pop culture: Analysing the Korean Wave. Asian Journal of Communication, 19 (3), 356-358.

Cere, R. (2006). ‘Exhibiting cinema’: the cultural activities of the ‘Museo Nazionale del Cinema’, 1958-1971. Film history : an international journal, 18 (3), 295-305.

Cere, R. (2005). Aristocracies of taste. Sight and Sound, 15 (5), 10.

Cere, R. (2005). Aristocracies of taste (Maison du Cinema, Paris). SIGHT AND SOUND, 15 (5), 10.

Cere, R. (2002). ‘Witches of our age’: women ultras, football and the media. Culture, sport, society journal, 5 (3), 166-188.

Cere, R. (2002). "Islamophobia" and the media in Italy. Feminist Media Studies, 2 (1), 133-136.

Blain, N., & Cere, R. (1995). Dangerous television: The TV a luci rosse phenomenon. Media, Culture & Society, 17 (3), 483-498.

Conference papers

Cere, R. (2011). ‘Roshonara Chowdry: Misrepresentations of “Homegrown Terrorists” in the British Press’. In Race and the Cultural Industries Conference, University of Leeds, 1 September 2011.

Cere, R. (2011). The media representation of Muslim women radicalised by a post 9/11 society. In Race and the Cultural Industries Conference, University of Leeds, 14 September 2011.

Cere, R. (2011). Musealizing cinema: a troubled history? In Moving Image and Institution: Cinema and the Museum in the 21st Century, University of Cambridge, 6 July 2011 - 8 July 2011.

Cere, R. (2008). The body of the woman hostage. In MECCSA conference, Cardiff, 9 January 2008 - 11 January 2008.

Cere, R. (2008). Anti-immigrant and hate discourses in Italian news media. In The media in Italy: historical perspectives and future challenges, Italian Cultural Institute, Edinburgh, 21 November 2008 - 22 November 2008.

Book chapters

Cere, R. (2018). ‘Little England beats Great Britain’: Italian media coverage of the EU referendum 2016. In Ridge-Newman, A., Leon-Solis, F., & O'Donnell, H. (Eds.) Reporting the road to brexit. (pp. 239-256). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham:

Cere, R. (2018). ‘Little England Beats Great Britain’: Italian Media Coverage of the EU Referendum 2016. In Leon-Solis, F., O'Donnell, H., & Ridge-Newman, A. (Eds.) Reporting the road to Brexit: international media and the EU referendum 2016. (pp. 239-256). Palgrave Macmillan:

Cere, R. (2018). 'Little England beats Great Britain': Italian media coverage of the EU referendum 2016. In Ridge-Newman, A., Leon-Solis, F., & O'Donnell, H. (Eds.) Reporting the Road to Brexit: International Media and the EU Referendum 2016. (pp. 239-256). Palgrave Macmillan:

Cere, R. (2017). Constructing community: Notes on a slippery concept. In Sabido, R.S. (Ed.) Representing communities: Discourse and contexts. (pp. 19-34). Palgrave Macmillan:

Cere, R. (2016). Hegemony and counter-hegemony in postcolonial media theory and culture. In Krämer, L., & Merten, K. (Eds.) Postcolonial studies meets media studies : a critical encounter. (pp. 125-142). transcript Verlag:

Cere, R., Jewkes, Y., & Ugelvik, T. (2013). 'Media and crime: a comparative analysis of crime news in the UK, Norway and Italy'. In Body-Gendrot, S., Hough, M., Kerezsi, K., Lévy, R., & Snacken, S. (Eds.) The Routledge handbook of European criminology. (pp. 266-279). London: Routledge

Cere, R. (2012). ‘Forever Ultras’: female football support in Italy. In Toffoletti, K., & Mewett, P. (Eds.) Sport and its female fans. (pp. 46-60). Taylor and Francis

Cere, R. (2011). Postcolonial and media studies: a cognitive map. In Cere, R., & Rosalind, B. (Eds.) Postcolonial media culture in Britain. (pp. 1-13). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Shin, C.Y. (2010). Engaging theory and making films: radical black cinema in Britain. In Brunt, R., & Cere, R. (Eds.) Postcolonial Media Culture in Britain. (pp. 99-114). Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan

Cere, R. (2009). Globalization vs. localization : anti-immigrant and hate discourses in Italy. In Ardizzoni, M., & Ferrari, M. (Eds.) Beyond monopoly : globalization and contemporary Italian media. (pp. 225-244). Lanham: Lexington Books:

Cere, R. (2008). The body of the woman hostage: spectacular bodies and Berlusconi’s media. In Randell, K., & Redmond, S. (Eds.) The war body on screen. (pp. 239-250). London: Continuum

Cere, R. (2007). Digital undergrounds: alternative politics and civil society. In Jewkes, Y. (Ed.) Crime online : committing, policing and regulating cybercrime. (pp. 144-159). Cullompton: Willan

Cere, R. (2006). The Poor’s Banker: real or ‘virtual’ help? The internet, NGOs and gendered poverty. In Sarikakis, K., & Thussu, D.K. (Eds.) Ideologies of the Internet. (pp. 283-298). Cresskill, N.J: Hampton Press

Cere, R. (2003). Digital counter-cultures and the nature of electronic social and political movements. In Jewkes, Y. (Ed.) Dot.cons: criminal and deviant identities on the internet. (pp. 147-163). Cullompton: Willan

Cere, R. (2003). ‘Witches of our age’: women ultras, football and the media. In Bernstein, A., & Blain, N. (Eds.) Sport, media, culture: global and local dimensions. (pp. 166-188). London: Frank Cass


Cere, R. (2020). An International Study of Film Museums. Routledge.

Cere, R., & Brunt, R. (Eds.). (2011). Postcolonial media culture in Britain. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Cere, R. (2000). European and National Identities in Britain and Italy Maastricht on Television.

Theses / Dissertations

Cope, L.M. (2020). Abjection Made Manifest: The Grotesque TelevisualConstruction of the Contemporary British Underclass. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Cere, R.

Subedi, P. (2019). Being Nepali in Doncaster: Negotiating New Understandings of Identity. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Cere, R.

Gharib, A.H. (2016). Political Communication and the Media in Kurdistan. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Cere, R.

Bailey, M.G.W. (2004). Cultural governance and the formation of public service broadcasting: The early years. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Critcher, C., Harvey, S., & Cere, R.


Cere, R. (2014). Latent and manifest anti-fascism in Italian cinema. Presented at: Anti-Fascism on Film, De Montfort University, 2014

Cere, R. (2009). Cinematic re-writes in film in museums. Presented at: Rewrites: studying literary, screen and music cultures, Leeds, 2009

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