Apprentices bring fresh thinking and high energy to the workplace

Apprentices bring fresh thinking and high energy to the workplace

Nestlé is the world's largest food & beverage company. We've worked collaboratively with Nestlé to create bespoke degree apprenticeship programmes that address skills gaps and promote career development within their organisation. 

Nestlé has a 50+ year history in apprenticeships and with the apprenticeship reform agenda over the past decade, the business has played its part in developing new apprentice standards and adopting new apprenticeship routes for talent to thrive and shine as Nestlé continues to grow.

The company’s apprenticeship strategy focuses on embracing opportunities for upskilling existing employees as well as supporting new entrants on their apprenticeship journey.

“Our degree apprentices at Nestlé work in various departments across the organisation including engineering, supply chain, digital marketing, food packaging and research and development. 

We recruit new apprentices looking to start their career as well as upskilling our existing staff. Degree apprenticeships provide new entrants with the opportunity to build their career whilst learning and being paid at the same time. Their fresh thinking, high energy, passion and enthusiasm help to propel us forward. Most importantly, they bring the perspective of a new generation of consumers which is invaluable to our future thinking on products and processes.

For existing employees, degree apprenticeships allow them to build on the knowledge they have learnt in their work environment to further develop their careers. The opportunity to acquire new knowledge and embed new skills through application enables them to become fully competent in their discipline, adding value to the organisation. Both groups bring their curiosity and can-do mindset, which means anything and everything is possible.

The challenge with traditional pathways is that whilst the individual has the knowledge to apply for a position, they lack the practical experience. In contrast, apprenticeships allow individuals to learn directly on the job through a combination of traditional study, coaching and applied activity so at the end of the programme they are fully up to speed.

"I would wholeheartedly recommend other businesses to take on apprentices. Whilst an apprentice requires an investment in time to recruit, train and develop, they help create new talent, fit for today and the future."

— Bruce Funnell, Head of Packaging and Jill Coyle, Apprentice Programme Lead, Nestlé

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