“The opportunity to discuss aspects of business with a network of peers has been invaluable and rewarding.”

“The opportunity to discuss aspects of business with a network of peers has been invaluable and rewarding.”

Chris Millard is Managing Director of Emprise Group Limited, leading an ever-growing portfolio of global brands in sport, tourism and leisure which include the Barmy Army, Barmy Army Travel, The R66T Academy and Emprise Digital. Chris is a participant on the Help to Grow: Management Course.


Why did you sign up to the Help to Grow Management course?

I am fully committed to developing and expanding my strategic skill set, along with the personal development of all members of my team, in order to maximise our company’s business development opportunities. I want to continually engage and inspire my team and be the most effective leader I can be. I had hoped that signing up to the course would provide me with the tools and confidence to develop my strategic thinking and I am delighted to say that it supported my development.


How did you fit the programme around your work?

At the beginning of 2022 I made a commitment to focus on my personal development to encourage me to become a better leader for my team. I was able to plan my months far in advance due to having the tuition dates early on. In saying that I was able to attend around 80% of sessions in person, which I was happy with.


What has been the most useful part of the Help to Grow: Management course so far?

My strategic plan for 2023 and beyond is to take a slight backward step from the day to day operational side of the business, encourage my team to flourish in their roles and take on a ‘balcony’ view of the business, enabling me a clearer view of the company as a whole. The ‘Help to Grow: Management Course’ has provided me with the confidence to take this step. Right from the start of the course, I recognised the importance of setting time aside from the hustle and bustle of the office environment to invest in myself and focus on the course content in order to achieve my strategic goals.


How has your mentor and peer network supported your learning and overall experience of the course?

The opportunity to discuss aspects of business with a network of peers has been invaluable and rewarding. I have always thought peer to peer learning is the most beneficial learning when you are leading a business. Having the support and input of a business mentor has enabled me to develop both professionally and personally.


Which module have you found the most interesting or challenging?

For me personally, the module addressing ‘strategy and innovation’ was so relevant to my business, I found it so useful and engaging and it has given me the confidence to make some proactive strategic decisions going forward.


What would you say to other business leaders who are about to sign up to the course?

I cannot recommend this management course highly enough. Committing to this course may mean some operational time spent away from your company but the skills, knowledge, networking opportunities and overall empowerment gained are most definitely worth it for anyone wanting to develop themselves and their business.

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