“The apprenticeship route expedited our growth in the packaging industry.”

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“The apprenticeship route expedited our growth in the packaging industry.”

We spoke to Adam Moody, Managing Director at Far’n’Beyond to find out how the apprenticeship route has added value to the business.


Can you give a brief overview of what your business does?

Far’n’Beyond is an award-winning creative design, print and digital marketing agency. With a commitment to excellent quality, service and expertise, we work with clients to help communicate their message and brand.


Why did you choose the apprenticeship route to upskill your team?

As an independent agency, we’re always keen to learn and develop. An apprenticeship allows us to upskill a team member through structured learning while also enabling them to bring back insight and knowledge to the team from outside our day-to-day experience.


What area of the business does your apprentice work in?

Sam is a designer specialising in packaging design and print projects.

As our packaging portfolio has been developing, along with Sam’s commitment to learning, we felt the apprenticeship was a great opportunity for both Far’n’Beyond and Sam.


How has the apprenticeship brought value to your business? 

The apprenticeship has helped us develop relationships within the packaging industry and has also given Sam and Far’n’Beyond access to events and opportunities we previously were unaware of.

Sam has also worked as part of a team to challenge and develop packaging design and solutions for a range of products and clients, which has enabled us to progress.


What successes has Sam helped you achieve?

Sam has ensured we stay focussed on the development of our packaging products and services, enabling us to quickly develop this aspect of the business. The course has expedited our growth in the packaging industry, which has contributed to our increase in turnover.


What would you say to other SMEs considering higher and degree apprenticeships? 

An apprenticeship is a great way to support your team’s growth and bring new opportunities to your organisation. Finding the right people is hard, so courses that help them develop and commit to the company are rewarding for everyone involved.


Would you recommend Sheffield Hallam University? If so, why?

Sheffield Hallam have been easy to deal with and made the course accessible with video calls ahead of our application to help us understand how the process worked.

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