“Apprenticeship programmes have enabled us to develop staff and equip them with key skills.”

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“Apprenticeship programmes have enabled us to develop staff and equip them with key skills.”

FDM Group specialises in providing clients with highly skilled consultants trained in core IT disciplines such as Software Development, Software Testing, IT Service Management, Project Management and Info / Cyber Security. 

We spoke to Jonathan Young, Chief Information Officer at FDM Group to find out how degree apprentices have added value to the business.

Why did you choose Sheffield Hallam University as training provider?

I found Sheffield Hallam to be really responsive and easy to work with, and there was great feedback from the students.  They offered a single method of delivery for all pathways, making time management easy.  I also liked the breadth of courses offered and the flexibility in moving students to different pathways.

Why did you choose the higher and degree apprenticeships for recruitment or staff development needs?

We use higher and degree apprenticeships for both recruitment and staff development. Many of my team did not have the opportunity to go to university whether for financial or family reasons, or not doing well at school initially. Apprenticeships have allowed them the opportunity to make up for lost time and opportunities. 

We also have a programme to increase access to university for underrepresented students and this aids recruitment from those communities. 

Which area of the business does your apprentices work in?

Our degree apprentices work mainly work in IT, but also in HR and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. 

What do degree apprentices bring to your business?

Degree apprentices bring energy and passion. But most importantly you can watch the individuals develop in front of you as they learn new things. 

What advantages do degree apprenticeships have over other professional development schemes and traditional recruitment paths?

With the exception of our own programme, most professional training is very specific and shows someone can do X. A degree apprenticeship is very different - it shows someone can think and analyse and communicate in a certain way. 

What successes have your degree apprentices helped your business achieve?

Apprentices have made a big impact on our business. They bring energy and passion to the business and add value to client projects.  Apprenticeship programmes have enabled us to develop staff and equip them with key skills. 

Would you recommend other businesses to take on apprentices? Why?

Yes, I would highly recommend degree apprenticeships for upskilling existing employees and recruiting new staff.  They offer opportunities to individuals who otherwise wouldn’t have gone onto university, allowing them to gain core skills and knowledge that really add value to client projects and to our business as a whole.

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