“These graduates have had a huge impact on the business.”

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“These graduates have had a huge impact on the business.”

Kate Hill is the Head of Business Development at Moore Insight and Chair of Social Ambition for Moore Global. Moore Insight is a finance and enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultancy in Sheffield.

What does your company do?

We work with businesses to implement, review and optimise systems across HR, payroll and finance, helping them get the outcomes they need and driving efficiencies and cost savings.

We have worked in central and local government for 30 years as experts in this space, and we are increasingly working with companies in the private sectors too. We are a fast-growing company, developing our existing people and bringing on board some truly talented individuals. (Read more about Moore Insight.)

How would you describe your leadership style?

I give people the space to make their own decisions and to innovate, and I make sure I give encouragement. I don’t believe in negative feedback, only constructive feedback. If someone has made a mistake I like to focus on working out the solution with them so that things can be improved next time.

How important is staff development to your business?

Staff development is everything to us. We have a very strong strategy around people and culture, and we do an awful lot of work around maintaining a positive workplace — our Head of People and Culture Claudia Dickinson is an excellent advocate for making sure that is maintained.

We provide great training opportunities, and we give everyone the opportunity to come up with ideas. As a leadership team we’re very transparent — it’s not a hierarchical business.

How have Sheffield Hallam graduates helped your business?

We have recruited a number of Sheffield Hallam graduates through the RISE scheme.

When we were a smaller business it was difficult to find the time and resources to find and recruit staff. Through the scheme, Sheffield Hallam helped us write job descriptions, matched them to students, did the initial interviews and then brought the strongest contenders to us for a final interview.

The impact of these graduates on the business has been huge. They’ve brought a new perspective, new ideas and new energy to the business, and they’ve worked on major projects and implemented a new finance plan for the company.

How have you tapped into more short-term resources from Sheffield Hallam?

We have worked with marketing students on specific projects. A group came in and collated information on our services and competitors to suggest a way into new markets. Their work has contributed to our marketing strategy.

In a growing business there are always a lot of internal projects to help us grow year on year. When we’re short on resources or space in diaries, having the students to conduct that research and analysis makes a big difference.

What made you join the Senior Business Leadership Programme in 2021?

I was going for a promotion at work and I wanted to make sure I had all the skills necessary to be an effective leader.

What made you choose Sheffield Hallam for your training?

I've done a lot of leadership programmes, including one at Harvard. What differentiates Sheffield Hallam is their openness to collaboration and the way they hear people’s opinions.

The course was also very flexible to fit around my work, and they’re great people. They have a very strong business management school, and lots of connections can be made on those programmes.

What advice would you give to a small business starting out now?

Focus on a strong brand identity. Make sure you recruit the right people into the right positions — people who have the ability and vision to grow your business.

Build relationships and network as much as you can. Get to the bottom of who your target market is and what solution you are presenting to their problems. Do that and you can be very successful.

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