“The mentoring was enlightening and inspiring. I really benefited from my mentor's insight and experience.”

“The mentoring was enlightening and inspiring. I really benefited from my mentor's insight and experience.”

I’m Neda Arifi, a market lead with Evident. We certify the world’s clean economy. This empowers businesses and governments to make climate claims with confidence.

The importance of leadership

I believe that leadership skills are critical at all levels of management. Effective leadership can promote teamwork, cultivate a sense of greater good, motivate, inspire trust, and provide purpose and direction.

In the words of Steve Jobs, “Management is about persuading people to do things they do not want to do, while leadership is about inspiring people to do things they never thought they could.”

Why I joined the course

Although I have a master's degree in marketing management and more than ten years of experience working in international companies, the Help to Grow Management course was an excellent opportunity to update myself with the latest knowledge of the UK market and extend my networks.

Having both online and face-to-face meetings was great as I could save time commuting. It made it easier to fit the course around my hectic work schedule. And if I ever missed a session, I had access to all the course materials and could review them in the peer group session.

How the course helped me as a leader

The modules about strategy, innovation, and internationalisation were fascinating. They were what I desperately needed, and significantly related to my work.

The most valuable part was how to implement the theory and the knowledge in our everyday business. The course had lots of insightful case studies, and in our peer group we shared our success and failure stories.

Based on what I learned on the course, I developed a creative business proposal for enhancing our communication and knowledge management with the key market players. The company's CEO and founders believe it has the capacity to enhance market growth and boost our revenue significantly.

The benefits of mentoring

What I loved most about the course, and what differentiates this from other courses, was the networking opportunities and the ten hours of inclusive mentoring.

According to Forbes studies, mentorship programmes like the one on this course significantly help you advance your career and improve your leadership. As a woman, I was especially keen to join the course, as I believe women often have more limited opportunities to advance their career.

The mentoring was enlightening and inspiring. I really benefited from my mentor's insight and experience. It was a turning point in the course, as it helped me to implement what I learned from the course in my business.

If you're motivated and want to hear cutting-edge ideas about management, develop greater confidence and a better understanding of leadership, and be influential in your business, this course is definitely for you.

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