New confidence to improve services in the NHS

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New confidence to improve services in the NHS

The Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust wanted to enhance their senior medical staff’s management skills and leadership behaviour.

What we did

In conjunction with senior medical directors, we developed a series of flexible and innovative courses in medical leadership, from postgraduate certificate level up to an MBA.

The courses use evidence-based methods that link directly to the individual roles of the people taking them. We also aligned the courses with the NHS Medical Leadership Competency Framework, to make sure they meet the current needs in the workplace.

The result

New knowledge, skills and thought processes give NHS employees the confidence to challenge current practices, improve the quality of services, and contribute to corporate activity through strong clinical leadership.

We presented the University with a difficult challenge, which they rose to with a flexible, innovative and timely response. We found them to be professional to work with and able to provide a quality product within the tight timescale.

Mike Richmond, medical director, Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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