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Financial support

What do I do if I have funding or financial problems?

Tuition Fee Debt

Most international students are required to pay half of their payable fees before enrolling. The second instalment is due in February for courses which start in September, or in September for courses starting in January. For various reasons, a small number of students may have difficulties paying their second instalment.

If, due to exceptional circumstances that have occurred since starting your course, you realise you may be unable to pay the remainder of your tuition fees, it is important that you contact our Invoicing Team. You can do this at any point while studying at Sheffield Hallam University, you do not have to wait until you receive payment request. You must email with

  • details of your exceptional circumstances AND
  • supporting evidence of why you cannot pay your fees, AND
  • if you are proposing a payment arrangement, evidence that you will be able to meet the deadlines, e.g., part-time employment contract, etc.

It is important to note that if your fees are not paid on time, you may be excluded from your course.

Other financial support

International Emergency Fund

International students experiencing financial hardship due to an emergency or a significant, unexpected, and unforeseen change in your circumstances, may be eligible for a loan or grant from the International Emergency Fund. Please note that strict rules apply and students with tuition fee debt are not eligible to apply. Please read the terms and conditions before applying. 

Find out more about the International Emergency Fund 


External funding

There are also a limited number of charities who may be able to provide a grant. Please refer to additional information on hardship funds available from UK charities for details how to apply.

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