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Sheffield Institute of Education

The Sheffield Institute of Education (SIoE) welcomes applications for scholarships, starting in October 2021. You will join Sheffield Hallam's vibrant community of Education Doctoral Researchers, who are based at City Campus close to the main university buildings and transport links.

The Sheffield Institute of Education is a national centre of education, recognised for our excellence and innovation in teaching, learning and research. Our work is embedded in practice and delivered by working in partnership. Our work focuses on three main areas:

1. Improving the effectiveness of educational professionals by:

  • Examining how policy impacts on their practices, experiences and professional lives.
  • Analysing professional learning practices, participation and outcomes.
  • Researching evidence-informed practice and knowledge mobilisation.

2. Enhancing curriculum, pedagogy and learners’ experiences by:

  • Re-examining languages, language varieties and literacies to ensure that pedagogies and curricular are effective in promoting learners’ participation in their current and future lives
  • Developing and evaluating curriculum and pedagogical innovations
  • Making theoretical contributions to curriculum studies including in science and mathematics education
  • Understanding and improving learners' experiences in Early Years and school settings 
  • Researching ways to promote wellbeing including through researching formal and informal learning about gender, sex, sexualities, sexual practices, and sexual health

3. Promoting social justice by addressing disadvantage, discrimination and oppression in educational contexts and improving access and outcomes for learners across all phases of education by:

  • Researching educational practices that foster social justice 
  • Analysing higher education policy, participation, and student experience
  • Problematising concepts and experiences of youth 
  • Interrogating constructions of disability
  • Identifying and addressing the impact of racism on educational outcomes and experience
  • Researching life experiences of LGBTQ+ young people and adults

Our funders include UK and international government departments and policy organisations, Research Councils, schools and other educational institutions, major charities, learned societies and subject associations, business, and voluntary and community organisations. Our leading academics and expert practitioners develop collaborations and deliver activities with external and internal partners; contribute to the work of practitioner and scholarly organisations; and implement a range of research, scholarship and knowledge exchange activities designed to ‘make a difference’ to our students, our partners, and to our wider community in both the UK and internationally.

In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) the SIoE's research was assessed under Unit of Assessment (UoA) 25: Education as amongst the highest ranked post-1992 Universities.

  • Over 70% of the submitted outputs were judged to be of a quality that was either world-leading or internationally excellent in terms of originality, significance or rigour.
  • Over 85% of the research environment was judged to be conducive to producing research of international excellence.

See the SIoE website for current and past projects

Postgraduate research at the Sheffield Institute of Education

The postgraduate research forum at the Sheffield Institute of Education (SIoE) provides opportunities for students to network, to reflect on their experiences of doctoral research and to discuss methodology and the practicalities of research. The forum complements sessions run by the Sheffield Hallam University Doctoral School. The Doctoral School is a hub for researcher training, development and networking. Doctoral researchers run the annual SIoE Doctoral Research conference where postgraduate researchers are encouraged to present work in progress. The SIoE is part of the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership and PhD researchers benefit from this additional source of training and the extended networking opportunities it provides. In addition, the SIoE research seminar series provides opportunities to share research and exchange ideas with researchers from the SIoE and beyond.

Scholarships opportunities

View further details on our available scholarships, eligibility and the application process. (PDF, 292.9KB)

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