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10 December 2020

Harnessing the power of song to spread life-saving health messages

Mothers have sung lullabies to their babies for thousands of years. We’ve found a new way to use this age-old tradition.

17 July 2020 | 2 minutes

Could buffalo milk lead to safer pregnancy in Indonesia?

In West Sumatra, pregnant women and their babies face huge health risks. We're finding a new way to help them stay safe.

18 May 2020

Depression memes may be a coping mechanism for people with mental illness

Up to 27% of people in the UK experience depression. Our research shows that online memes can help them cope with their symptoms.

22 April 2020

Coronavirus: does testosterone really make infectious diseases worse in men?

The Covid-19 virus appears to affect men worse than women. But are hormones really the answer?

12 March 2020

Robotics for children with special needs

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are being supported during clinical appointments by robots, developed in a partnership between the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC), Sheffield Children's Hospital and the Children's Hospital Charity.

07 October 2019

We’re helping tackle a rare brain disease that affects children

Vanishing White Matter (VWM) is a rare neurodegenerative disease that largely affects children. Sheffield Hallam researchers are helping to tackle this currently incurable illness.

07 May 2019

Reducing health inequalities for mothers and babies

Culture and communication barriers can prevent migrant women from accessing maternity care. Our work on the ORAMMA project is helping to develop a solution

11 March 2019

Science Week: Discover seven of our standout projects

Learn more about some of our most innovative, high-impact work, from 3D-printed breathing masks to advanced fingerprint analysis

08 March 2019

How thermal imaging could help improve post-caesarean care

A new technique could give clinicians a fast, reliable way of spotting wound infections — and could even help rationalise the use of antibiotics

08 March 2019

Finding new insights into progressive MS

Sheffield Hallam-led research could help identify much-needed new treatments for progressive stages of multiple sclerosis

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