Behavioural Science, Behaviour Change and Well-Being

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Behavioural Science, Behaviour Change and Well-Being

How we behave affects us in a wide variety of ways, and impacts our health and wellbeing. Understanding why people behave in the ways that they do and changing those behaviours in positive ways requires a deep understanding of psychology and behavioural science.

We develop interventions focused on behaviour change and wellbeing based on psychological theory and behavioural science. This work has widespread applications, particularly within health but also in domains such as education, policing, business and the public sector.

CeBSAP is leading the Behavioural Science Consortium, which brings together academics from different research centres within SHU and from the University of Manchester. The Behavioural Science Consortium is one of six suppliers on the Crown Commercial Services Behavioural Insights Framework, which aims to apply behavioural science and inform government policy and service. It also seeks to find new ways to encourage, enable and support people to make better choices for themselves.

As the only University-led supplier on the framework, our approach is informed by cutting edge, evidence-based approaches, and rigorous evaluations. These ensure that government policy decisions and their evaluations are informed by the best behavioural science.

Relevant Research

Some of our recent research projects include

Our Services

Within different contexts and with different groups we are able to

  • develop and evaluate interventions to address issues of behaviour change or health and well-being
  • evaluate pre-existing interventions using theory and make recommendations for improvements
  • support individuals and organisations to understand how behavioural science is relevant and can be utilised to improve outcomes
  • train people and/or organisations to develop and/or deliver behaviour change interventions

Previously we have

  • provided advice on behavioural science and behaviour change to Sheffield City Council
  • evaluated the "Smoke Free Pregnancy and Beyond" (SFPB) smoking cessation service for pregnant women for Doncaster Council
  • given a seminar on how behavioural science can be used to improve outcomes at Civil Service Live, 2018

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