Sony approve Steel Minions Game for release

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Sony approve Steel Minions Game for release

Thursday 16 August 2012

After winning Best Technology, Best Game and Best Team at the Game Republic Student Showcase, Sheffield Hallam's computer game development studio, Steel Minions, is now ready to release its first commercial game, BounceBack, on the PlayStation Network.

BounceBack is a bouncy ball called Lanos who over time has lost his bounce. Lanos meets several characters on his quest to get his bounce back, each with unique special abilities to help him through 28 challenging levels and reach his home world on the moon.

Jake Habgood, Senior Lecturer for Software and Games Development, praises the practical experience that developing games such as this in the studio provides students with:

The games industry really values the experience of going through the full game development process. These students will definitely have something on their CV which makes them stand out to employers.

BounceBack is due for release on 12th September.

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