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Communication and Computing Research Centre

When people interact with each other, or with technology, or when technologies interact, they produce or use a 'communication artefact'. The overriding objective of the Communication and Computing Research Centre (CCRC) is to understand such interactions and artefacts in their social and technical contexts, to discover the keys to their effectiveness, and to appreciate the various ways in which they may be apt to malfunction or 'break down'.

Since no single discipline could ever hope to accomplish these objectives on its own, the CCRC adopts an interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and approach to the analysis, evaluation, design, production, use and consumption of communication artefacts. Research activity in the Centre is organised around three core themes: Interactive Technology Design; Institutions, Texts and Representation; and Cultures, Identities and Social Issues.

Under the leadership of Dave Waddington (Head of Centre and Professor of Communications), the CCRC has cultivated strong links with other research disciplines within the university and forms extensive links with industrial and other external agencies. This is exemplified by the work of the specialist Interactive Design team, which is concerned with making digital products and services (such as websites and apps) more effective and simple to use.

The centre's strong cross-disciplinary focus is reflected in the involvement of colleagues from such core cognate disciplines as Communication Studies, Computing, Education, English, Film Studies, Information Systems, Media Studies and a variety of social science subjects (eg Criminology, Politics, Psychology, Sociology and Social Policy).  This diversity is reflected in the activity of the newly-formed CENTRIC (the CCRC-based Centre of Excellence iN Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and organised Crime research), which involves specialists in computing and informatics working alongside colleagues in the social sciences.

For further information on our research activities and events, please visit the C3RI Impact Blog or contact

Amy Lander (Administrator)
Phone +44 (0)114 225 6743

Professor Dave Waddington (Head of Centre)
Phone +44 (0)114 225 6774

Dr Kathy Doherty (Acting Head of CCRC)
Phone +44 (0)114 225 6788

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