Friction and wear testing facilities

Friction and wear testing facilities

The tribometer is applied to evaluate the friction and wear properties of various materials, such as hard coatings, hardened metals and ceramics, soft and solid lubricant materials.

The UMT-2 tribometer is able to perform pin-on-disc sliding wear tests. It applies a ball (, ceramic, WC/Co or hard steel, 6 mm in diameter) to slide on a flat surface to create a wear scar. It measures the friction coefficient under the applied testing condition. It also measures the wear coefficient (unit: m3N-1m-1) by means of making line profiling of the wear scar after a wear test.

The tribometer runs in either reciprocating or rotating sliding mode, at either room temperature or at elevated temperatures up to 700 °C. The tribometer can also run as sliding abrasive wear, with a pin sample sliding against SiC hard abrasives.

wear test one

Figure 1: The tribometer, ball-on-disc, and a tested sample with three wear scars

wear test two

Figure 2: A wear scar and its line profile, and a chart showing the friction curves.

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