PVD coating equipment

PVD coating equipment

A Hauzer HTC 1000-4/ ABS (Arc Bond Sputter) coating unit is housed in the laboratory based at the NTCPVD. This unit is primarily a research, development and pilot production machine.

The unit consists of four geometrically opposed targets surrounding a coating volume of approximately one cubic metre which is pumped by two Balzers-Pfeiffer 2200 turbo-molecular pumps. The machine is equipped with 2 HIPIMS power supplies and a dedicated HIPIMS Bias power supply (both from Huttinger Electronic Sp. z.o.o., Warsaw, Poland) which enable two of its targets to be operated in HIPIMS mode. Additionally, each target may also be operated in either unbalanced magnetron or Cathodic Arc mode.

This system gives complete flexibility, allowing the tailoring of a suitable interface by the use of a HIPIMS ion etch process, whilst also giving the full benefits of unbalanced magnetron film deposition.

A closed magnetic field geometry may be produced by an electromagnetic coil array which allows independent control of substrate bias current densities without changing substrate bias voltage. In addition, the combination of HIPIMS / arc and magnetron evaporation techniques during a single coating cycle allows the deposition of multi-layered superlattice coatings. Process control is achieved via a combined PC and PLC interface which ensures reproducibility. The research machine is used to develop novel and advanced coating systems prior to commercialisation.

Please email Professor Papken Hovsepian for more information.

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