Tribological Testing

Tribological Testing

Coating characterisation and analysis

Test equipment includes

CSEM Tribotest

Computer controlled pin-on-desk tribometer is capable of applying loads of 1, 2, 5 or 10N at rotation speeds up to 420rpm.

CSM High Temperature Tribotest

Computer controlled pin-on-desk tribometer can perform tests with the help of a heated sample holder. The machine can perform the pin on disk test at a controlled sample temperature between room temperature and 800°C.

CSM High Temperature Vacuum Tribometer

Computer controlled pin-on-desk tribometer can perform tests under vacuum up to 10-7 Torr as well as in temperature ranges from room temperature to 800°C.

CSM Nanohardness Tester and AFM

The nanoindenter can be used to characterise surfaces and thin films / coatings by indenting with low loads; typically in the range of 1 to 500 mN.

CSEM Revetest Scratch Tester

A scratch test is used to characterise adhesion between coating and substrate. The instrument can apply forces in the range 1 to 200N at different scratch velocities to test adhesion and cohesion of hard coatings.

CSEM Calowear Tester

The apparatus is capable of conducting abrasive wear tests and can also be used to measure coating thicknesses between 0.3 to 30 micrometers by an abrasive ball-cratering technique.

CemeCon Impact Tester

The impact tester incorporates a novel testing method suited to evaluate coatings and materials under dynamic load conditions similar to those experienced by metal cutting/milling tools.

Mitutoyo MVK H2 Microhardness Tester

Instrument is designed to test film hardness by Knoop or Vickers indentation with a loading range of 1 to 1000kgf (9.8 N). Hardness is measured by pushing a Knoop diamond indenter into a coating and the measuring the impression with the help of a digital microscope.

Rockwell Diamond Indentor

This instrument can be used to measure hardness. It also can be used to examine coating adhesion according to the Daimler-Benz methodology.

Dektack 150 Profilometer

This stylus profilometer from VEECO instruments is capable of profiling surfaces at nanoscale.

Minolta CM508D Colorimeter

The spectrophotometer is capable of measuring surface colour to all international standards with or without inclusion of the specular component.

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