Academic cuts cancer costs at hospital

Academic cuts cancer costs at hospital

Friday 25 December 2015

A South Yorkshire hospital has cut costs and freed up bed space thanks to a computer modelling technique introduced by a Sheffield Hallam University academic.

David Clegg, from Sheffield Hallam's Materials and Engineering Research Institute used his background in process modelling to make recommendations on how Rotherham NHS Trust can make improvements.

He was attached to the hospital's Service Improvement Department which works to help staff look at how they can improve the way they do things for the benefit of patients and staff alike.

During a year's secondment at the hospital, David used the modelling tool to help identify and then solve issues in capacity that were created when cancer services were transferred to Rotherham, rather than being provided at neighbouring Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

David also helped with the redesign of the Estates stores department to create a 'just in time' system for stock so that necessary stock can be provided when it is needed without tying up too much space and money.

David recently completed a year's part-time placement at the hospital, funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

David said: 'This project was an excellent example of how businesses and organisations can reap rewards from working closely with academic partners.

'Not only was I able to help by using the latest technology to model a wide range of different options for improvement across a number of services, but I was also able to broker the partnership between a Sheffield Hallam MSc student and the hospital.

'Many organisations have already benefited from someone taking a fresh look at how they do things - and come up with really practical and workable solutions.'

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