Delivering key results to construction specialists

Delivering key results to construction specialists

Restoration of a 1st Century BC Roman villa

Concrete, mortar and construction specialist Vincenzo Starinieri has been able to deliver a number of specialised consultancy projects and training programmes to architectural conservators. You can find out more by clicking on the links below.

Concrete and construction materials are becoming an increasingly influential factor in the construction and infrastructure market place. As a result, we are increasing our services to clients, developing specialist advice on

  • mortar analysis to help determine the cause of deterioration or failure of mortar, to specify new mortar for repair or to help understand the building archaeology
  • building stone analysis to identify the type and source of stone to help obtain an acceptable replacement

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  • Roman Villa (1st century BC), Tortoreto, Italy
  • Abbey of “San Martino in Valle” (9th century AD), Fara S. Martino, Italy
  • Roman Cistern, Ortona a Mare, Italy
  • Church of St. Clemente (9th century AD), Guardia Vomano, Italy
  • Church of “Madonna delle Grazie” (15th century AD), Teramo, Italy

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