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Centre for Corrosion Technology

Degradation resulting from corrosion processes is an issue which has implications for the integrity, serviceability and aesthetics of materials and components.

The Centre for Corrosion Technology (CCT) was founded by its Director, Professor Robert Akid, in 1996 to provide research and business support expertise concerning the implication of materials operating within corrosive environments. Since moving to Sheffield Hallam University in 1999, the Centre has expanded and its sphere of expertise has become more diverse, through engagement with industry and EU and UK research council funded projects.

Its position within MERI allows the Centre to provide a multidisciplinary approach to solving problems concerning corrosion-related failure of materials. Facilities are available for monitoring and quantifying the corrosion degradation of materials and coatings. These include metals and metallic coatings and paints.  The Centre for Corrosion Technology has the equipment and expertise to carry out both accelerated environmental and electrochemical tests, as appropriate to your needs.

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