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Materials and recycling solutions

The Centre for Infrastructure Management provides an independent materials testing service to clients and provide consultancy/R&D to develop innovative solutions for new materials development and applications.

Examples of our previous work include
• evaluation of a lightweight thermal insulating render/plaster for use in low carbon historic building renovation;
• development of construction products that are based mainly on industrial waste materials, using a cement free process;
• repair material formulations and solutions for infrastructure (e.g. bridges) and for heritage structures;
• optimum utilisation of the waste products of the dry and semi-dry process of flue gas desulphurisation, which is used in the power plants of many EU countries, in construction materials.

Potential benefits include
• innovation;
• cost savings;
• remain competitive;
• increased market share.

Who to Contact
For more information about materials and recycling solutions, please contact Dr Fin O'Flaherty and Dr Vincenzo Starinieri.

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