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Product development

The Centre for Infrastructure Management has an extensive expertise in assisting organisations to develop innovative products to remain competitive, including concept generation, novel pipe couplings, accelerated concrete curing technology and corrosion prevention systems.

Examples of our previous work include:
• development of a dual function anode for strengthening and prevention of corrosion in concrete structures;
• design of a less than zero carbon building block for construction purposes in collaboration with an SME developing materials for new build and repair applications;
• a bridge management expert system developed in collaboration with a software producer SME;
• a high-tech, low voltage versatile thermal system developed with an SME for construction materials, such as accelerated curing system for concrete and winter concreting;
• an innovative restraining joint system for steel pipes developed for a major utility company.

Potential benefits include:
• assisting business to innovate to remain competitive;
• cost savings;
• increased market share.

Who to Contact
For more information about product development, please contact Dr Fin O'Flaherty and Dr Vincenzo Starinieri.

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