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Courses BSc (Honours)

Physical Education and School Sport with Foundation Year

Full-time - 4/5 Years Sport and physical activity

Physical education can transform lives. Inspire the next generation by developing your knowledge and skills in physical education and school sport.

2024 - Undergraduate UCAS: A107
Courses BA (Honours)

Politics and International Relations with Foundation Year

Full-time - 4/5 Years Politics

Critically engage with local, national and global politics to gain the skills and foundation for a career in policy analysis, governance, activism, and communication.

2024 - Undergraduate UCAS: AA27
Courses BEng (Honours)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Full-time - 3 / 4 Years Engineering

Prepare for a career or further academic study in electrical and electronic engineering, developing the essential talents that power the smart world we live in.

2024 - Undergraduate UCAS: H606
Courses BEng (Honours)

Chemical Engineering

Full-time - 3 / 4 Years Engineering

Develop a combination of technical knowledge and professional skills in chemical engineering by completing real-world projects, preparing for a career in green and sustainable industries.

2024 - Undergraduate UCAS: H8H1
Courses BEng (Honours)

Automotive Engineering

Full-time - 3 / 4 Years Engineering

Step into the role of an automotive engineer, exploring the environmentally sustainable vehicle technologies of today and preparing to create solutions for the future of the industry.

2024 - Undergraduate UCAS: H330
Courses BEng (Honours)

Mechanical Engineering

Full-time - 3 / 4 Years Engineering

Gain state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, work experience and professional skills in mechanical engineering, preparing you for diverse career roles that create future-facing solutions in the industry.

2024 - Undergraduate UCAS: H300
Courses BSc (Honours)

International Hospitality and Tourism Management

Full-time - 3 Years Tourism and Hospitality

Gain a unique understanding of global tourism and hospitality with a year of study in Australia. A degree in partnership with La Trobe University.

2024 - Undergraduate UCAS: B049
Courses BA (Honours)

Criminology and Sociology

Full-time - 3 / 4 Years Criminology

Explore criminological and sociological perspectives on crime, deviance and marginalisation to help you make a positive impact on local and global society.

2024 - Undergraduate UCAS: ML93
Courses BA (Honours)

Early Years and Primary Education (3-7) with Qualified Teacher Status

Full-time - 3 / 4 Years Teaching and Education

Gain the knowledge, qualifications and practical teaching experience to become an early years and primary teacher, where you will promote equality to improve the life chances of learners aged 3-7.

2024 - Undergraduate UCAS: X110
Courses BA (Honours)

Sports Journalism with Foundation Year

Full-time - 4/5 Years Media PR and journalism

Gain a degree in sports journalism, with an initial foundation year to prepare for the course.

2024 - Undergraduate UCAS: A043

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