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Emma Sconce

Emma Sconce

Use of a novel device to measure the ‘break point’ angle of the Nordic Hamstring Lower and its validity and reliability as a field-based assessment to identify athletes at risk of hamstring injury


Emma Sconce

For her PhD, Emma is aiming to undertake research in the area of hamstring injury-risk assessment, investigating the mechanism and subsequent ability to predict muscle injury in athletes, developing and using equipment that is real-word friendly and useful for coaches in the field. This is building on previous research submitted to the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation on the Nordic hamstring lower as an eccentric hamstring strength predictor, whilst completing her Masters.

As a youngster Emma's main focus was sport and as a footballer, she gained the opportunity to play in the USA for the Vermont Voltage after completing a Sport Science Degree at UCLAN. On returning to the UK she pursued a career in education, teaching at out-centres at football clubs and sixth-form colleges on BTEC Sport and A Level PE programmes. Working with elite college athletes led to completing an MSc in Strength and Conditioning at the University of Salford. From here she set up her own personal training private studio and continues to teach on Biology, Sport and Fitness qualifications.

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