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Earn a salary, pay no fees

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Earn a salary, pay no fees

For apprentices there's no cost to do a higher and degree apprenticeship

You'll be paid as an employee of the company you’re working for, as well as receiving a university education funded by your employer and the government. Though you may need to consider the additional living costs such as moving away from home or commuting.

How much you can earn

If you’re aged 16–18, you’ll earn at least the national minimum wage for apprentices but many companies pay more than this, particularly for higher apprenticeships (£4.81 per hour for apprentices from April 2022)*

  • An aerospace engineering apprentice at BAE Systems UK can earn £21,971 per year.*
  • A higher accountancy apprentice can earn over £13,000 per year.*
  • A software engineer apprentice can earn £14,500 per year.*
  • You could potentially earn upwards of £300 per week plus your employer and the government pay your tuition fees, meaning no university loans for you.*
  • Many employers advertise roles with a ‘competitive salary’. This could mean the salary and benefits will be in line with similar roles for other organisations, or that it depends on your current skills and experience. *

* Information and statistics from The complete guide to higher and degree apprenticeships 2019  and National Minimum Wage Rates by

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