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'My knowledge of the packaging sector is constantly growing.'

'My knowledge of the packaging sector is constantly growing.'

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Danielle is currently a packaging technology apprentice at Premier Foods, at the company’s Ashford site. She is currently studying on our BSc Packaging Professional degree apprenticeship programme.

'My knowledge of the sector is constantly growing.'

'As part of my apprenticeship, I am learning to take on a role of looking after any issues with current packaging, making improvements, and trialling new ideas. Specifically, I work mostly with the artwork approval process, raising disposals, and processing complaints and rejections of faulty packaging stock.

'The role was exactly what I was looking for. At school I always enjoyed design and technology and so this linked in with my passion. Ashford is close to home, and so the apprenticeship was a in a good location to me. In addition, when researching, I found that Premier Foods was in the top 100 apprenticeship schemes in the UK, showing me, they were experienced and skilled in conducting this sort of job role.

'I always wanted to do an apprenticeship for many reasons. Mainly, as I don’t think anything can compare to having experience doing the role. When learning, you know the theory but not necessarily how it might be applied in every day. This way, not only do you get the qualification you need, but also spend time in the industry learning the trade. It is the best of both worlds.

'The idea of going to university never appealed to me. I enjoy living at home and the financial debt scared me. With an apprenticeship, you receive financial support, and depending on the location, you may be able to stay at home whilst working. I personally stay at university for block release for one week every two months. This suits my lifestyle and keeps me busy.

'With my apprenticeship, I am studying for a degree at Sheffield Hallam University. This gives me the opportunity to improve my value in the workplace, as my knowledge of the sector is constantly growing.  It also will be a great addition to my CV, supporting my future.

'By working at a site where there are a lot of employees, there is the opportunity to improve social skills and confidence. This is important as it could help, not only with jobs in the future, but also just in general life. I was very quiet when I first joined the company. But, after discovering how down to earth everyone is, I felt more comfortable talking to new people, and my confidence has since grown dramatically.'

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