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Student stories

Haleema Baker-Mir

Haleema is a demand planner and works within a team of 14. Her studying is tailored to her job, matching six weeks in the office with one week at Sheffield Hallam University. The course will take three years, as opposed to the usual four, and is tailored to the needs of Nestlé.

'I find it incredible that at the age of 21, compared to my friends who did go to uni, I'll have not only a degree but also a professional status. I'll already be in a role with a job under my belt and I'll have the work experience they won't have. I feel I'll be in a better position.'

Harry King

Harry works in Nestlé Professional on pack change and events management, overseeing artwork across Nestlé's product ranges.

'What's fantastic about the apprenticeship is the practical aspect. The difference from my A-levels is massive. School was 9-5 lectures and lessons, whereas here it is managing workloads, and using those to reinforce your lessons.'

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