“Putting my uniform on and going out there, doing the job, it gives me a massive rush.”

“Putting my uniform on and going out there, doing the job, it gives me a massive rush.”

Bearded male wearing a hi-vis police uniform and cap stands before an acrylic shield for South Yorkshire Police.

Former combat medic, PC Reymar Robinson (Rey) is a Police Constable Degree Apprentice (PCDA) with South Yorkshire Police, currently studying on our BA (Hons) Professional Policing Practice degree apprenticeship.

Hear from Rey as he recounts his first year on the force and what he loves most about policing the streets of South Yorkshire.

“Putting my uniform on and going out there, doing the job, it gives me a massive rush.”

Why did you join South Yorkshire Police?

“When I was 18, I joined the army as a combat medic. I spent seven years travelling around the world – Germany, Kenya, Morocco – I went to Nepal after the earthquake in 2015 and spent six months re-building houses and schools with Nepalese soldiers. I decided I needed a new challenge; I’d always wanted to join the police and it seemed like the perfect time.


“I applied for the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship programme and ten months in, I’m working on response in Doncaster, and I can honestly say I love it.


Why did you choose the PCDA route?

“Through the PCDA, you get to have a stint in different departments which is the main thing for me. I worked on response, and then across in neighbourhoods, and it’s really good to experience the difference between the two.


“There’s also the added bonus of having a degree after three years. If I ever wanted to progress, it’s good to have those qualifications behind me.


“Don’t get me wrong – trying to be academic – it’s tough. We are the third cohort to do PCDA in South Yorkshire and they make changes to the course every year, based on everyone’s feedback so I think that’s good to see that people are listened to.


What’s your favourite part of being a police officer?

“This is the best part, putting my uniform on and going out there, doing the job, it gives me a massive rush. It gives you ‘umpf’, it gives you drive. I love it. When you get that call to respond to an incident and you don’t know what it is you’ll be going to.


Is there a memorable moment so far?

“The job that stands out is being called out to a mental health episode. The reason it was memorable was that my tutor had the confidence in me to deal with that. It was a defining moment in that I remember thinking ‘If I can handle this, I can handle anything.


How do you wind down after challenging incidents?

“My tutors have been complete legends! Both really good officers, really proactive and really supportive. I also rely on the gym to clear my head – whether it’s been a good day or a bad day, there’s nothing better.


What is your eventual aim within SYP, where do you want to be in five years’ time?

“I have one aim, and that’s to be a firearms officer.


What would you say to someone who’s considering applying?

“Go for it! You’ll never regret it. If you’re someone who loves a challenge, is eager to learn and is enthusiastic – you’ll love it.”



If you want to spend three years experiencing the different aspects of policing, culminating with a degree and no fees at the end of it, you can apply now to Be The Future of South Yorkshire Police.


Candidates who already have a degree or 80 UCAS points and above are not eligible to apply for the PCDA.

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