Recently completed research

Recently completed research

Natural and Built environment

Name Title Awarded
Shaban Mnsur, PhD An evaluation of land degradation and desertification in the Jeffara Plain, Libya January 2015
Athina Zisi, PhD Criteria for success in developing sustainable neighbourhoods April 2015
Huwaida Tahir, PhD A Project Control Framework April 2015
Mohammed Alzhobi, PhD A framework for evaluating material management performance in Jordanian concrete building projects July 2015
Kun Yun Liu, PhD Build-operate-transfer' sports venue development.  A case study of Kaohsiung Arena July 2015
Khalifa Elawej, PhD A framework for the evaluation of air pollution caused by motor vehicles September 2015
Fatma Saeed, PhD The Libyan Fisheries Sector October 2015
Intesar Ibrahim, MPhil Comparison of Organisational Management in English and Libyan National Parks MPhil Awarded February 2016
Barry Wright, PhD A Critical Assessment of Botanical Indicators as Historic Markers in Wooded Landscapes August 2016
Sadeg Kamouka, PhD Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Application for Oil and Gas Projects in Libya December 2016
Russell Moore
Condominium development and gentrification in Bangkok, Thailand: a study of housing pathways  PhD Awarded Jan 2019 
Alafi Ali  Examining the Water Footprint Concept in Relation to Sustainable Water Management, Libya  PhD Awarded June 2019 


Jonathan Wainwright, EdD Leading children's centres: a study of seven leaders in context October 2014
Joanne Lidster, EdD Becoming Tech-savvy: Nurse Academics' Experience of Using Technologies within Higher Education October 2014
Julia Halpin, PhD The Role of the Nurse in Preschool Autism Assessment.   November 2014.
John Dunning, EdD Professionalism: a study of English post 1992 university hospitality management academics. March 2015
Eleni Katsiada, PhD Children Under Three in Greek Day-care May 2015
Henry Moreton, EdD Headteacher inspectors: boundaries, identity and the potential for system leadership May 2015
Yuan Guo, PhD Perspectives on curriculum and pedagogy in a private kindergarten in China September 2015
John Knight, EdD Royal Engineer Geographic Technicians: Exploring their attitudes to Education and Training October 2015
Leigh Hoath, EdD A Framework for Understanding the Distinctive Characteristics of an Outdoor Setting Pedagogy October 2015
Hazel Horobin, EdD The Meeting of Cultured Worlds: Professional Identification in Indian Postgraduate Physiotherapy Students October 2015
Joan Healey, EdD Exploring the emotional landscapes of placement learning in occupational therapy education December 2015
Jacqueline Hargis, EdD Post-14 local educational partnership leaders: A study of characteristics and role perceptions January 2016
Denyse Hodgson, EdD The impact of patients' and carers' experiences of cancer on radiotherapy students January 2016
Lisa Kerr, EdD Advanced nurse practitioners'' (emergency) perceptions of their role, positionality and professional identity June 2016
Narumon Chunlahawanit, PhD Teachers' views on brain research applications to teaching the Thai language June 2016
Samantha MacMahon, EdD Becoming a professional in early childhood education and care July 2016
Lynne Truelove, EdD Early years teacher status trainees' placement experiences: a creative interpretive approach September 2016
Cormac Doran, EdD An investigation of youth working Irish youth services October 2016
Helen Childerhouse, PhD Teaching Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD) in Mainstream Classrooms February 2017
Jean Pierre Elonga Mboyo Comparative Leadership: Pathways, Scope and Values in DRC-English 'Urban' Schools EdD awarded 27 February 2017
Stephen Holmes A Field Analysis of a 14-19 Educational Partnership EdD awarded March 2017
Christopher Bailey, PhD Investigating the Lived Experience of an After School Minecraft Club April 2017
Stephen Campbell The Social Construction of Dyslexia in UK Higher Education EdD awarded 14 June 2017
Katherine Mahon Can Sharing Education between Home and School Benefit the Child with Autism? PhD awarded July 2017
Rebecca Hodgson New Lecturers' Journeys - The Formulation of the 'Academic' in Higher Education EdD awarded 11 September 2017
Jean Harris-Evans Love Letters to Services Past: Risk and Outdoor Education in Youth Work EdD awarded 13 September 2017
Joanna Baker-Rogers Autism, Sociality and Friendship: a Qualitative Enquiry EdD awarded 15 December 2017
Eleanor Formby A Sociological Exploration of Lived Experiences of LGBT People in the UK PhD by Publication awarded January 2018
Karen Daniels Meaning, Movement and Affect: the Stuff Childhood Literacies are made of. EdD awarded April 2018 
Mike Coldwell Professional Learning and Professional Careers: Theory, Evaluation and Practice  PhD by Publication awarded May 2018 
Tom Andrews Exploring the Impact of a Developing Sexuality on Adolescents with Autism  PhD Awarded October 2017 
Susan Renger The application of Learning Theory to Person-Centered Counselling  PhD awarded in March 2018 
Clive Moss Reporting Without Fear of Favour. HMI 200 - 2010 an Oral History  EdD awarded 9 March 2018 
Heather Wain Physics and Feminism. A Personal Reflection on one Physics Teacher's Doctoral Journey  Master of Professional Studies awarded 9 May 2018. 
Rachel Handforth
Exploring the Career Aspiration of Women Doctoral Students: A Longitudinal Qualitative Stud
PhD awarded June 2018
Souad Hussan
Factors affecting the implementation of communicative language teaching in Libyan secondary schools June 2018 
Julia Leatherland Understanding How Autistic Pupils Experience Secondary School: Autism Criteria, Theory and FAMeTM  Aug 2018 
Herine Otieno
Improving Kenyan Secondary School Students' Relationship with Mathematics through Self- regulated Learning
PhD Awarded October 2018 
Lauran Doak  Exploring the Multimodal Communication and Agency of Children in an Autism Classroom.  PhD Awarded 24 October 2018 
Ian Guest  Exploring teachers' professional development with twitter: A sociomaterial analysis  Dec 2018 
Sarah Rawding  Challenging or creative? Impatient or curious? Disposition discourse in the early years  PhD Awarded March 2019 
Sumia Abdelati  Communication Strategies in Libyan EFL Classrooms: Materials, Perceptions and Practices  PhD Awarded April 2019 

Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research

Mark Stevens, PhD Property, Propriety and Affect: A study of class (dis)entitlement within neighbourhood spaces March 2015
Lyndsey McCarthy, PhD (Re)Negotiating the Self: Homeless Women's Constructions of Home, Homelessness and Identity June 2015
Ellen Bennett, PhD The Power of Ideas June 2015
Jessica Baxendale, PhD Understanding 'What Works'? June 2015
Jenny Preece, PhD Residential mobility, work and belonging in low-income communities September 2015
Dominic Aitken, PhD Trust and Participation in Urban Regeneration September 2015
Mike Foden, PhD Reclaiming Unwanted Things: Alternative Consumption Practices, Social Change and the Everyday August 2016
Pronos Ioannis, PhD Third Sector, Welfare Governance and Social Citizenship in Greece and the UK December 2016
Thomas Archer The Prospects for Wealth Redistribution Through Collective Ownership of Land and Housing PhD awarded December 2016
Julian Dobson Reading the Future: constructing low carbon imaginaries in urban institutions PhD awarded November 2017
Richard McHugh Educating 'Gangsters': Social Space, Informal Learning and Becoming 'Gang' Involved PhD awarded September 2017
Kiri Langmead  Exploring the Performance of Democracy and Economic Diversity in Worker Co-operatives  PhD awarded December 2017 


David Cross, PhD Coal Mining on a Yorkshire Estate: Landownership and Personal Capitalism 1850-1914 February 2015
Ian Webster, PhD The Public Works Loan Board 1817-76 and the Financing of Public Infrastructure February 2015
Ben Wikinson, PhD The Poetry of Don Paterson: personae, impersonality and poetry as knowledge September 2015
Andrew Jackson, PhD The Polar Sublime in Contemporary Poetry of Arctic and Antarctic Exploration October 2015
Zainab Kerkam, PhD A Comparison of Arabic and English Directness and Indirectness: Cross-cultural Politeness October 2015
Sharon McDonnell, PhD Male Poisoners in Renaissance Revenge Tragedies January 2016
Mark Manry, PhD British Development Discourse and African Agency - The Case of Busoga, Uganda, 1940-1962 April 2016
Alan Malpass, PhD British attitudes towards German prisoners of war and their treatment: 1939-48 November 2016
Craig Mann, PhD Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Werewolf Films and Cultural Fears November 2016
Felicity Skelton, PhD The Afterlife of Survival: a thematic guide to contemporary Canadian short fiction November 2016
Christopher Corker, PhD The Business and Technology of the Sheffield Armaments Industry 1900-1930 December 2016
Elizabeth Dixon, PhD Done to Death? Re-evaluating Narrative Construction in Slasher Sequels April 2017
Gemma Leggot, PhD A Critical Edition of The Miseries of Enforced Marriage May 2017
Fatheh Mansor, PhD Politeness and Offering in Libyan Arabic Hospitality July 2017
Stuart Foster, PhD Encounters Between Theory and Practice: Semiotic and Pragmatic Principles in Advertising November 2017
Riyukta Raghunath, PhD Alternative Realities: Counterfactual Historical Fiction and Possible Worlds Theory October 2017
Kibrina Davey, PhD  Violent Passions and Vulnerable Bodies: Emotion and Power from Marlowe to Ford  December 2017 
Anne Mallery, PhD Crossing the Line: Women and the Railway Mission 1881-1901 March 2018
Rachel Franklin, PhD  Eroticism, Narrative, and Cultural Renewal: the Writing of Salvador Dalí 1928-1945  April 2018 
Christopher Doyle, PhD  Reluctant Heroes, Ambivalent Patriots : Ambler, Greene and Middlebrow Leftist Thrillers 1932-1945  July 2018 
Ann Coady, PhD  The Non-sexist Language Debate in French and English  August 2018 
Adam Gilbert, PhD  Posting Identity: Creating and Depicting the Hong Konger, 1898-1997  September 2018 
Rachael Richardson, PhD  Business Enterprise, Consumer Culture and Civic Engagement, 1890s-1930s:Sheffield Entrepreneur, John Graves  December 2018 
Julia Podziewska, PhD  Wilkie Collins and the Inheritance Plot  February 2019
Louise Powell, PhD  The Crisis of Masculinity: Twins, Early Modern Medicine, and Drama, 1594-1655
March 2019
Arun Cheta, PhD  Thomas Nashe and the idea of the Author  April 2019 
Fiona Martinez, PhD  Authentic Relationships in Contemporary Fiction: A Feminist Endeavour  June 2019 
Emma Hutson, PhD  Lived Experience and Literature: Trans Authors, Trans Fiction and Trans Theory  July 2019 
Andrew Jeffrey, PhD  "Encounter Before Imagination":A More-than-human Poetics from the MossValley
July 2019

Law and criminology

Sam Burton, MPhil Terrorism Control Orders: A Human Rights Analysis January 2015
Peter Smith, LLM The relationship between legal practise and legal eduction: histories and futures May 2015
Paula Hamilton, PhD Desisting Men: Narrative Transitions of Masculine Identities October 2015
Anna Kawalek
Therapeutic Jurisprudence: The Application to an England & Wales Review Court
PhD awarded 26th November 2018
Mathew White
Surveillance Law, Data Retention and Risks to Democracy and Rights
PhD Awarded 22nd January 2019

Psychology and sociology

Rachel Marsden, PhD Dietary Intervention and Parental Beliefs of GFCF Diets May 2015
James Reynolds, PhD The Age Onset of Cannabis Use and Executive Function July 2015
Athar Khan, PhD A Sociological Exploration of Factors Affecting Female Entrepreneurship in Punjab, Pakistan November 2015
Jennifer Drabble Mediators and Moderators of Self-injurious Behaviours and Borderline Personality Disorder April 2016
Rebecca Hancock, PhD The Development of Real-World and Counterfactual-World Inference Generation Abilities during Adolescence April 2017
Georgina Burns-O'Connell
Catholic Parents' Perceptions of Young People's Learning about Sex and Relationships
PhD awarded September 2018
Henry Lennon
A UK Discourse Analysis of Belonging in Romanian Identity and Immigratory Accounts
PhD awarded November 2018
Stephanie Acaster
Behavioural and Electrophysiological Correlates of Lightness Contrast and Assimilation
PhD awarded February 2019

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