Lisa Staniforth

Lisa Staniforth

The 'Home-grown Terrorist': A Social Representations analysis of UK newsprint media coverage of the 7th July London bombings.

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Prior to the 9th September attacks in the United States in 2001, suicide bombers and aeroplane hijackers were far removed from the Western public agenda. However, subsequent to these events and the West’s response to them, there has been a rise in the number of individuals born, raised and educated in the West committing acts of terrorism in their home countries. Notions of this ‘new terrorism’ underpin shared Western understandings of contemporary terrorism, with the notion of 'home-grown terrorism' reinforcing deeply problematic conceptions of 'Islamic Terrorism'.

Grounded in Discursive Psychology, this large corpus media analysis draws on Rhetorical Social Psychology and Social Representations Theory. It is argued that emerging social representations of contemporary terrorism and the 'Terrorist' identity in UK newsprint media coverage of the 7th July, 2005, London bombings are embedded in well-established notions of Islamic 'Otherness'.

Key references

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Dr Emma Vine

Dr Sonja Ellis

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