Michela Measso

Michela Measso

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in England: impact on primary students’ motivation


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During my career as both a foreign languages primary specialist and a teacher trainer, I have explored the potentials of different methodological approaches.

A recent trend in language education is Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). CLIL refers to teaching subject content (art, history, science,…) to students through a foreign language with an integration of meaning and linguistic forms. While CLIL in non-Anglophone countries has become a key area of curriculum innovation, in Anglophone contexts, such as England, it is used to a far lesser extent.

One of the claims by CLIL advocates is that this approach can positively influence learners’ motivation, considered one of the crucial factors affecting the language learning process. However, academic research findings on this aspect are not that clear-cut.

Having explored CLIL and motivation at Masters Level and as a CLIL practitioner, I am keen to research this further. My study will investigate how this approach can impact on primary pupils’ motivation and their self-concept as language learners in England when the target languages are Italian, French and Spanish.

The research will contribute in gaining a deeper understanding of CLIL implementation in primary school and of motivation in foreign language learning, responding to the call for the promotion and research on CLIL in languages other than English. 

Key references

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Prof. Kim Bower

Prof. Diana Ridley

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