Alia Khatoon, BA (Hons) Early Years Education with QTS

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Alia Khatoon, BA (Hons) Early Years Education with QTS

Alia Khatoon studied BA (Honours) Early Years Education with QTS at Sheffield Hallam and graduated in 2016. Alia is now completing her NQT year in a primary school.

Alia Khatoon

'When I was a child, I always helped my friends with their maths revision for the upcoming SATS in Y6, and even gave them bits of homework. I volunteered as a reading tutor in secondary school before working in a nursery in year 10. My desire to teach continued to grow.

'Sheffield Hallam has helped me to achieve so much. Making the most of placements and getting involved in volunteering opportunities when they arose has increased my confidence and communication significantly. This has not only allowed me to become more confident as a person but has allowed me to obtain transferable skills into my future teaching practice.

'I found the placements incredibly helpful. They not only allow you to see good practice first hand, but also enable you to try out different strategies/resources to see what works effectively, in order to support your own future practice. They are also significant in supporting you to find out what kind of teacher you want to be and the classroom ethos to want to promote.

'As the course provides a variety of placements it has opened my career prospects up as I am now more willing to work in KS1 as well as the earlier years. These placements allow you to physically go into the setting and not only observe positive practice but inspire a variety of children, which is rewarding in itself.

'I love the way Sheffield has so much to offer, I found myself taking part in a range of activities I would not have thought possible before. There's lots to get involved in that will not only enhance your CV for the better but allow you to gain new skills, confidence and understanding. Showing you are passionate about the course and volunteering to take part or lead activities will help.'

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