Demi Cardwell, PGCE Secondary Physical Education

Demi Cardwell

Demi Cardwell, PGCE Secondary Physical Education

Demi Cardwell studied PGCE Secondary Physical Education at Sheffield Hallam and graduated in 2013. She is now a PE teacher and Aspiring leader at Outwood Academy in Sheffield.

'I wasn’t the most academic student at school but I loved sport. My PE teacher realised this and she used sport and PE as a tool to help me stay on track to gain my GCSEs. She really inspired me.

'I love the fact that everyone can be involved in sport or PE in lots of different ways and roles. It allows students to excel in an area of the curriculum that isn't just theory based and gives students the chance to express themselves in a different way. It also allows you to discover hidden talents and enables students to really come out of their shells.

'Hallam gave us lots of knowledge surrounding the curriculum and the pedagogy surrounding teaching and learning. They helped to prepare me by allowing me to study the curriculum myself as though I were a student at school and supported us through our school placements.

'You will struggle to find another career where you get so many rewards for doing something you love. They say 'choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’ and I think that's true. Yes, some days are tough but there is always that one student who is dying to put a smile on your face by showing you something they’ve learnt during the lesson or wanting to tell you what they have done at the weekend. You would definitely struggle to find that in any other career.'

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