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“Give them time to settle in, no matter how much you are missing each other.”

I have three kids in uni, so I know what it’s like to help them carry a couple of boxes containing all their worldly possessions into an unfamiliar room, and then wave them goodbye for the last time.

When you’re supporting a child into university it can be tempting to be overprotective, when in reality you need to let them make their own decisions. However, there are some ways you can help.

If your child is looking at accommodation get them to think about

  • how far they’ll be living from uni (most Hallam halls are under 10 minutes’ walk away from campus, so it’s not such an issue here)
  • what facilities are available
  • how much it costs

You could also help them by researching things like bank accounts together – the stuff they won’t necessarily be thinking about! You’ll feel happier knowing their finances are sorted before they leave.

Once they move in, my advice is to keep in touch and be on hand if they need you – but give them time to settle in, no matter how much you are missing each other! If you suggest they come home all the time it may disrupt them and make them feel homesick all over again. At Hallam there are dedicated support staff on hand.

Good luck!

Maeve Rogers
Parent Ambassador

You can book a phone conversation with one of our parent ambassadors or speak to a member of our enquiries team for general advice by calling 0114 225 2777.

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