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“It’s worth remembering even though you aren’t there with them that they’re not alone.”

“It can feel upsetting when a child leaves home, not just for you but for siblings and the extended family too. Often you find yourself wondering how your child is settling in but it’s a balancing act between letting them find their independence and letting them know you’re still there!

It’s worth remembering even though you aren’t there with them that they’re not alone. With things like Skype and FaceTime, you can chat to your child more easily than ever before. You could be having a live face-to-face chat whilst watching TV or doing the ironing so it’s as if they’re in the same room, even though they could be 100s of miles away! And you can support them by helping them to prepare for student life, like setting up an online supermarket account like I did with my daughter.

There will also be people, departments to help if and whenever required. For example, all uni’s will have health and wellbeing services on hand to support your child. I would always encourage them to ask any questions they may have, no question is a silly one.

For your son or daughter I would encourage them to use these new found opportunities by embracing new experiences and joining clubs and societies.

The world of university will open new doors, opportunities and friendships for life and possibly even future wives and husbands! It’s important to remember every day is a school day for them to learn and grow as individuals.

Zahid Ahmad
Parent Ambassador

You can book a phone conversation with one of our parent ambassadors or speak to a member of our enquiries team for general advice by calling 0114 225 2777.

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