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  4. 'We mix ingredients and what happens is chemistry, the way our body reacts is biology.'

'We mix ingredients and what happens is chemistry, the way our body reacts is biology.'

Laveena Goswami


Laveena Goswami from India currently studies MSc Food and Nutrition Sciences on a Transform Together Scholarship.

'Gastronomy is the greatest form of therapy, it’s difficult to resist the allure of delicious food. I've been passionate about food since I was a kid. Coming from India, I saw my mother adding various condiments to the food she cooked, which gave it a wholly distinct flavour. That sparked my interest in learning about food and cooking.'

'I also had a passion for science, specifically biology. I've always been fascinated by how various life processes coexist to maintain the body's wellbeing. Hence, I always knew I had to pursue a scientific subject. However, it was after my undergraduate degree in Biotechnology, where I came across various modules like fermentation technology, dairy technology, food safety, food chemistry and biochemistry that made me realize that I could combine two of my greatest passions, food and science. That’s how I decided to pursue a Master's degree in Food and Nutrition Sciences. As Alton Brown said, “everything in food is science. The kitchen is a laboratory and everything that happens there has to do with science.” We mix a bunch of ingredients and what happens is chemistry, the way our body reacts to them is biology.'

'I wanted to pursue my master's degree overseas, and I was overjoyed to learn that so many universities in the UK offered courses in the field I was interested in. That's when I started looking at different universities and their programmes. I stumbled across Sheffield Hallam University's website and explored the modules available on my course. They were all aligned to the modules that I wanted to learn more about. I was overjoyed to receive an offer from Hallam.'

'However, I was unable to fully finance the course on my own, so I decided to explore the Hallam website further in search of scholarship opportunities, where I came across the ‘Transform Together Scholarship'. I was delighted to learn that the university offered a half-tuition-fee scholarship to one student from each course. It was a smooth process, it just required me to fill in some details about my qualifications and a short essay. I decided on submitting an application, but truly had no expectations about the results as I knew how competitive the award was. Receiving the scholarship acceptance letter was a surreal experience.'

'I've loved every minute of my experience at Hallam so far. I like the course because it has made me aware of the existence of so many different facets of the food industry. My favourite module task was creating a vegan-ready meal based on the Co-op's briefing. It challenged me to investigate the vast variety of meals available on the market shelves, do a gap review, and develop a new product that would entice consumers.'

'I aspire to be an entrepreneur. I want to innovate, curate and launch healthy and sustainable food products. Contribute to thriving local economies and long-term livelihoods. Protect plant and animal diversity, as well as the welfare of farmed and wild wildlife. Avoid causing harm to or losing natural resources that lead to climate change. Make social benefits available, such as high-quality food, clean and organic goods, and educational opportunities.'

'This scholarship has definitely provided me with opportunities and an environment to grow further and a sense of ability to achieve what I aspire.'

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