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'Sheffield is a green and peaceful city'

Phu Huu Huynh


Phu Huu Huynh from Vietnam is currently studying MSc Automation Control and Robotics on a Transform Together Scholarship.

'The fact that this world has changed significantly due to automation solutions really fired up my passion for automation control and robotics.'

'I chose to study at SHU due to it being named as The University of the Year for Teaching Quality by The Sunday Times Good University Guide in 2020. SHU has lots of international students, which creates a diverse environment for students to learn and enjoy the student lifestyle. Sheffield is a green and peaceful city, and the people are extremely friendly and helpful.

'My course gives me a lot of up-to-date knowledge; the tutors are very professional and the support teams from SHU are very helpful any time I have an issue.'

'During Covid-19, we had to study online to protect others. The tutors were very enthusiastic and helpful in the way they deliver the module lectures. Many interesting classes have been hosted online. There have been lots of helpful surveys and webinars to take care of students’ social and mental wellbeing.'

'The Transform Together Scholarship application creates great opportunities for determined students. It motivated me to undertake a higher level of study in a developed country. It's very competitive, so I was very happy and so proud to be selected from a lot of highly qualified candidates from all over the world. My determination to study abroad has been strengthened more than ever. The Transform Together Scholarship provided a 50% scholarship for the first year of study, which is a huge support for me and my family. It fulfilled my desire to study in the UK. If you are thinking of applying, be brave and do it right away. This is not only a financial support, but it is also a spiritual enhancement for you, a recognition of the effort you put in.'

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