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A day in the life of a student entrepreneur

Ever wondered if you could combine studying a degree with starting your own business? More and more students are using the experience and contacts they build up at university to do exactly that. We spoke to one of the new breed of student entrepreneurs to find out how it's done.

Charleh Dickinson is a BSc (Honours) Food Marketing Management student. She also runs her own health food company, Designed2Eat, which she set up with her father in 2013. 

'Self-employment among students is massive at Sheffield Hallam. My biggest advice if you're thinking of setting up a company is make sure it's related to your course, so your degree and your business can help each other. For example, learning the chemistry behind food on my course helps me come up with recipe ideas for Designed2Eat.

'Here's a typical day in my life, juggling my studies with the business.'


Yoga and meditation

This is a really pleasant way to gently ease into the day.



I usually have avocado, chia, coconut oil, cocoa powder, egg white and Rawnola, the grain-free cereal we sell at Designed2Eat.

Work on my business

I spend most mornings answering emails, handling sales, managing my brand's social media accounts, doing PR, and delivering our products to retailers.


I think it’s important to take time out for lunch each day. It helps me relax as I transition from businesswoman to student.

Practical seminar

On my course we're currently doing product development, so there's a group of us trying to spot a gap in the market and create an innovative new drink. This coursework can lead directly to creating a new product for my business.

Uni work

This is when I carry out research and write essays.


This is an intense one hour workout. There's a team of us that do it every day, and the banter helps me unwind.


In the evenings I chill with my boyfriend in front of the TV.


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