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'I play wheelchair basketball for Team GB.'

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'I play wheelchair basketball for Team GB.'

Wheelchair basketballer Charlotte Moore is studying human biology while she trains for Tokyo 2020.

How do you balance training and study?
“During induction week my course leader suggested talking to my academic adviser. They’re a personal contact who can help if you need to manage your attendance or deadlines, which is a really important relationship to have as a student athlete.

“If I know I’ll be away for a tournament I can get access to lecture materials earlier through the University’s Blackboard system, and my lecturers are really open and approachable, so I can go to them if I’ve missed something or don’t understand it.”

How are you finding the sports facilities here?
“The team has its own court at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. Training in a facility like that really helps you prepare for tournaments. I also do extra strength and conditioning on campus – it’s great to be able to go between lectures when I can’t make gym times at EIS.

“In terms of wheelchair accessibility I’ve had no problem getting around, and I’ve never had to rush from one place to another for back-to-back lectures. There’s always a lower desk for me in lab classes too, so it’s easy to carry out practicals.”

What’s next for you?
“We’ve got a European championship in summer which is a qualifier for Tokyo, and we want to get into the final and get silver or gold. Then we’ll be into preparation for the Tokyo Games. We’ve got a friendly tournament out there in August, which is kind of a test for 2020.

“Training will get a lot more intense in the coming months and years. With support from Hallam and Team GB I’m confident I’ll be able to handle it.”

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