Selection event for Childhood. Primary and Early Years courses at Sheffield Hallam University

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Selection event for Childhood. Primary and Early Years courses at Sheffield Hallam University

What is a selection event?

It's a process to assess whether you're suitable for a place on the course. It's a chance to show us your knowledge about the subject and your enthusiasm for the career.

Being invited to a selection event doesn't mean you're guaranteed a place on the course - the point of the day is to help us come to a mutual decision. We need to decide whether to make you an offer and you need to decide whether you like the course and the university.

To find out what will happen on the day, see the subject-specific information below. The timings listed may be approximate, so please keep your plans flexible.

When and where is my selection event?

If you're invited to a selection event you'll receive an email telling you when it is. All interviews are conducted in person at our campus. 

It's important to be on time. If you are delayed then you should call 0114 225 5555 and ask for Admissions or email the academic contact given in the invitation.

What happens on a selection event?

You will be assessed by both University tutors and staff from partnership schools or linked organisations. The selection event will last up to one hour and will include:

  • an individual interview
  • a teaching task (to last between 4 and 5 minutes)

Teach your interviewer a skill

You should:

  • use clear instructions,
  • let your interviewer know what they will be learning,
  • involve them in the learning

Previous examples have included teaching: some words from a foreign language, how to serve a tennis ball, how to use sign language, how to juggle, how to do different ballet positions.

You may bring notes but avoid reading from a script. Please do not use Power-point or similar as we do not require a presentation. Do use your imagination, be creative and show us your skills.

In this task we will be looking at your potential to be a good teacher so will be evaluating your communication skills and how you deliver the learning. We will also evaluate your inter-personal skills and the preparation that you have undertaken for the task.

Do I need to prepare anything in advance?

The Teaching Task

You will need to prepare and practice your teaching task and remember to have the materials and resources you will need for teaching the activity.

What do I also need to present?

For the interview you should have the following.

1) Identification

You must bring photographic identification (photo ID). If possible please bring a passport or photo driving license. If you do not own either of these, other forms of photographic identification will be sufficient for the selection event but should you be offered a place on the course you will be required to present further official identification documentation to complete the professional requirements referred to above. Full details of the ID evidence you will require can be found here.

2) Qualifications

You must bring your original certificates plus photocopies of each of these documents to the event:

  • GCSE English Language, minimum grade C (or approved equivalent)
  • GCSE Mathematics, minimum grade C (or approved equivalent)
  • GCSE Science, minimum grade C  (or approved equivalent)

You must show the original certificates for all your qualifications by enrolment in September to allow you to enrol on the course

If you do not have the original certificates, you must obtain copies from the awarding body as quickly as possible prior to enrolment. Please note that you must allow sufficient time for these to be replaced. If you have not achieved the qualifications specified above, you may be able to take an equivalency test prior to the course start date – please discuss this with the admissions tutor.

What are we looking for?

At this stage we assess your

  • ability to communicate clearly, both orally and on paper
  • knowledge of the area of education you are interested in
  • interest in, and commitment to, a career in teaching
  • potential to work effectively with children in an educational setting

Who is on the selection event panel?

You will be assessed by a range of staff from across the Initial Teacher Education Partnership.

What should I wear?

Dress reasonably smartly, but you don't need to wear a suit. Smart but casual clothing will allow you to feel confident and at ease.

Disability support

If you have a disability (this includes sensory and physical disabilities, dyslexia, mental health conditions and medical conditions) and you feel that you will need some support during the selection event process (for example, a sign language interpreter, note taker, materials provided in different format), please inform the tutor upon receipt of your invitation to the selection event.

Disability advice whilst studying at the University

You may or may not have indicated that you have a disability on your application form. In either case, the Disabled Student Support Team is keen to hear from you. If you would like to meet or talk to an advisor to discuss, in confidence, possible support whilst studying, please ring +44 (0)114 225 3813 or email

Please note that any offer of a place is subject to acceptance by you of the University's terms and conditions. If you require a printed version, please contact Admissions on 0114 225 5555. You must read these terms and conditions before accepting any offer.

What happens after my selection event?

We cannot tell you our decision on the day of the selection event. After the selection event our decision will be communicated via email, so please check your inbox regularly.

You will receive one of the following decisions.

Conditional offer for the course that you have applied for – you must fulfil certain criteria (usually based on the qualifications you are currently taking) before you can be accepted on the course. If the requirements are met, the offer becomes unconditional.

Unconditional offer for the course that you have applied for – usually made when you have already completed your qualifications and met the academic requirements we are asking for.

Unsuccessful – unfortunately we are not able to offer you a place on the course. We do not feel that you have the necessary skills or experience to be successful on one of our courses. However, this does not prevent you from applying in the future, should you undertake further study to develop your skills and experience.

Important accommodation information for Initial Teacher Education students

As you have chosen to apply for an initial teacher education course with us, the start of your course may be earlier than the standard term dates. This means that some of the accommodation on offer by the University may not be suitable for you. You will need to refer to the accommodation services website when making your accommodation choices. Once you have accepted your offer of a place, you can submit your online application directly to accommodation services.

What can I choose?

To help you in choosing suitable accommodation, filter from the halls on the website those which are available for early arrivals. You must also specify that you need an early start date in the notes section of your application.

The first few weeks

We know that not all courses start at the same time and we also know which courses start early. This means that your halls won't be full when you first arrive, but we will try and make sure you're not on your own for long so that you don't get lonely and you feel safe.

Cancel event

Are you sure you want to cancel your place on Saturday 12 November?