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Attendance policy

Attendance policy

You should attend the appointments you have booked with Student Wellbeing. This helps us to reduce waiting times and make sure we can offer support promptly.


Attending your appointments

It is important that you attend your appointments punctually so we can offer you the best service.


Phone appointments

Please be ready to answer our call at the time of your appointment. We will call you up to three times within the first 15 minutes of the appointment. If we cannot get through to you after three attempts, this will be classed as a missed appointment.

In person appointments

If you are more than 15 minutes late, we may not be able to complete the appointment and you may be asked to rebook.


Cancelling appointments

You must let us know as soon as possible if you cannot attend an appointment. If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, this will be classed as a missed appointment. The missed appointment will be deducted from the number of appointments you can have with the service. It may take 2-3 weeks before we can offer you another appointment.

For Student Wellbeing and Report and Support appointments:

You can cancel your appointment in three ways:


For Inclusive Support appointments:
You can cancel your appointment in four ways:

  • Online
  • Email
  • Phone: 0114 225 2679
  • Text message: 07520 634261


If you cancel or miss an appointment and do not contact us within seven days, we will assume you do not wish to use the service and your record will be closed. You will need to register with Student Wellbeing again, or get a new referral to Inclusive Support.


Sometimes we may need to cancel your appointment. This can happen if a member of staff is unwell. If we need to do this, we give you as much notice as possible and offer you a new appointment.


Repeat cancellations and absences

If you miss or cancel two or more appointments, we may not be able to offer you any more sessions with Student Wellbeing.

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