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Technical facilities

Eye-tracking laboratory

The Tobii T120 eye-tracker is a non-obtrusive eye-tracker which does not require head mounted tracking equipment meaning that it is easy to use with young children and brain-injured patients.

This eye-tracker can be both a laboratory-based tracker but is also portable to enable eye-tracking research in the field.

Psychophysiology laboratory

This lab houses both electroencephalograph (EEG) facilities as well as more basic psychophysiology recording equipment (like heart-rate and skin-conductance recording).

The EEG recorder allows recording from up to 64 sites on the scalp for the collection of fine detailed EEG information. And we're currently in the process of buying an even higher specification EEG machine.

Low-level vision laboratory

We have dedicated equipment especially suited to fine grained manipulation of stimulus intensities and durations particularly suited to low-level vision research.

Observation suite

The observation room has 3 high definition video cameras and microphones so you can see and hear everything that goes on in the room.

One of the cameras can be moved by remote control to allow you to follow and focus on certain activities. The recordings are fed to a computer and viewing area next door, where you can edit and download them.

Portable neurofeedback machine

Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that involves direct training of brain function. It helps to improve cognitive self-regulation and is used in a number of areas, such as sports psychology and in the treatment of mental disorders, such as ADHD and autism.

Technical Resources team

We have a dedicated Technical Resources team in the department. The team, with over 35 years' expert experience, will:

  • loan specialist technical equipment including laptops installed with E-Prime and SPSS, data projectors, digital cameras, digital video cameras, digital voice recorders, transcribing equipment, webcams, headphones and stopwatches
  • provide audiovisual support to all classrooms and Learning Hub rooms
  • convert VHS to DVD, and DVD to DVD for the duplication and transfer of materials
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