Our student charter

You can expect

  1. an environment that fosters an inclusive, supportive and collaborative University community
  2. to be treated with respect, professionalism and courtesy
  3. your personal information to be safeguarded and to learn in a safe environment
  4. advice on student financial information, and information about tuition fees, scholarships and bursaries
  5. to be able to find information about all relevant regulations and codes

We expect you to

  1. have respect for the dignity of others and be considerate and courteous towards the University's diverse community
  2. respect the property of others, and make proper use of the University's facilities and resources
  3. behave in a manner that ensures your own health and safety, and that of others
  4. be honest and have regard for the good name of the University
  5. show consideration for, and behave appropriately within, the local community and when representing the University
  6. take advantage of the learning resources and facilities available to you
  7. tell us about any circumstances, needs or restrictions which might affect your participation in learning, professional practice or work placements
  8. make sure you seek out and use the support services, information and advice available as your needs arise
  9. regularly check your University email, timetable and virtual learning environment
  10. read and abide by the University's regulations and codes, those governing your course and the law

Your teaching, learning and course

You can expect

  1. high standards of teaching, support, advice and guidance
  2. appropriately qualified staff to support your learning
  3. a course with relevant and applied content
  4. an induction to help you get to know your learning environment, introduce you to fellow students and key staff, and provide an introduction to your studies and learning resources
  5. to receive accurate and timely information about your studies
  6. to have a regular dialogue with a personal adviser, or in the case of research students, your supervisor
  7. your work to be assessed in appropriate and fair ways
  8. useful feedback on your coursework, within a defined timeframe
  9. up-to-date facilities and resources to support your learning and research, including learning centres, library resources, IT services and facilities
  10. a student support service which includes study support, disabled student support, wellbeing and international student support, and information and advice on other issues that may affect you
  11. a careers advice and guidance service and a student employment service

We expect you to

  1. make every effort to work collegially with your fellow students and tutors, and make a positive contribution to the creation of a supportive learning community
  2. actively participate in your organised activities
  3. take responsibility for managing and progressing your learning
  4. give time and effort to your studies, including reading and researching your study topics, preparing for classes and assessed work
  5. make every effort to meet your assessment and attendance requirements, as outlined in the attendance statement, and let us know if you can't
  6. have a regular dialogue with a personal adviser, or in the case of research students, your supervisor
  7. reflect on your learning and the feedback you are given and use this reflection to help your future development
  8. keep up to date with information related to your course or programme of research

Your representation and opinions

You can expect

  1. student representation on a range of committees and groups at all levels within the University
  2. your views to be sought on aspects of your student experience and your feedback welcomed, considered and used to shape future developments
  3. the University to work in partnership with Hallam Union to enhance the student experience
  4. every effort to be made to resolve a complaint or an appeal informally, and formal complaints or appeals to be dealt with in a timely and fair manner

Your Students' Union

Hallam Union represents and supports you

  1. through its elected representatives within Hallam Union
  2. by working to ensure representation at all levels within the University
  3. by working in partnership with the University to enhance the student experience
  4. by working to ensure representation in your community
  5. by providing national representation
  6. by providing free, independent advice
  7. by helping students to make positive changes to the student experience

Hallam Union provides experiences, services and facilities that give you

  1. opportunities to interact and socialise with other students
  2. the opportunity to participate in a range of student-led activities
  3. opportunities to develop skills for the future

It encourages you to

  1. ask for our advice and support when you need it
  2. share your voice and experiences with us
  3. get involved with our representative and democratic activities
  4. seek out and take part in the opportunities and experiences provided
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