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Alexei Nabok

Professor Alexei Nabok

Professor in Organic Films and Sensors


Professor Alexei Nabok is internationally recognised specialist in thin organic films, nanostructures, chemical- and bio-sensors, author of more than 150 publications including books, and book chapters. Citation Index: 10.94, H-index: 19. He has BSc/MSc degrees from Shevchenko Kiev State University, Ukraine, and a PhD from the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

  • About

    Professor Nabok's field of expertise covers a wide range of subjects from physics of solid state, physics of semiconductors and semiconductor devices, and Microelectronics (by education) to physics, chemistry and technology of thin molecular films, organic & inorganic nanostructures, chemical and bio- sensors (through work experience).

    Alexei Nabok spent two last school-years (1966-1968) studying at Ukrainian Physical-Mathematical Boarding School.
    In 1973, he graduated from Shevchenko Kiev State University, Radiophysics Faculty with the degree equivalent to BSc/MSc in Radiophysics and Electronics (speciality in Physics of Semiconductors). In 1984, Alexei received his PhD in Physics of Semiconductors and Dielectrics from the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

    After graduation from the university Alexei Nabok got an engineer job at Kiev Institute of Microdevices, Microelectronic firm “Kristall”, Ukraine (1973-1980).
    In 1980 he joined the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev as a research scientist and continued his research career by doing a PhD project. Alexei continued working at the same institute until 1997 progressing in ranking to Senior Research Scientist and Head of Laboratory. In 1985, he joined newly opened Laboratory of Molecular Electronics at the same institution and later in 1994 became a head the laboratory.
    In 1995 and 1996, Alexei was a visiting researcher at Sheffield Hallam University (School of EIT) and University of Sheffield (Physics Department).
    From December 1997 until now, Alexei Nabok was employed by Sheffield Hallam University, School of Engineering as a senior research fellow, senior lecturer, and reader. In 2012, Alexei was appointed as a Professor in Thin Films and Sensors.

    Awards, Membership:
    Professor Alexei Nabok got an honorary title of Senior Research Scientist, from Ukrainian State Qualifying Committee. He was also a member of the Ukrainian Physics Society. During his years in UK he became a member of American Chemical Society, a Fellow of the Institute of Nanotechnology, a member of KTN Sensors & Instrumentation. In 2013 he became a visiting professor at UTHM, Malaysia.

    Editorial activities:
    Professor Nabok is a member of the editorial board and guest editor of BioNanoScience (Springer). He is a member of the International Programme Committee of European Conferences on Organized Films (ECOF), and was an organiser and chairman of ECOF 12 at Sheffield Hallam University, 2011. He works as a reviewer of research projects submitted to BBSRC, EU, NATO, etc. and a reviewer for a number of journals in Elsevier, RSC, ACS, IoP, IEEE, Springer, etc.

    Specialist areas of research: Thin organic/inorganic films and nanostructures, chemical and bio-sensors.

  • Teaching

    Department of Engineering and Mathematics

    Professor Nabok is teaching at the Department of Engineering and Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Technology and Arts. He is a module leader and a lecturer of different subjects at different levels in the area of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, i.e. Electrical and Electronics Principles, Optical communication, Opto- and Micro-electronics, VLSI Design, Professional Engineering Practice; he is module leader and co-ordinator of final year projects in EEC Engineering.

    Subject Area/Group: EEC Eng (Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering)

  • Research

    • Centre for Automation and Robotics Research
    • Materials and Engineering Research Institute

    Professor Alexei Nabok is doing research at the Materials and Engineering Research Institute, in the Thin Films Research Centre. His area of research is in thin organic /inorganic films and nanostructures, chemical and bio-sensors.

    He is currently a national partner coordinator for a collaborative NATO research project on Optical bio-sensors for detection of mycotoxins within Science for Peace and Security Program - SPS(NUKR.SFPP 984637).

    Previous research projects include: EPSRC "Engineering for Life" project in collaboration with BMRC SHU, Collaborative Linkage NATO grant, CBP.NUKR.CLG983381), British Council award for collaboration with University of Parma, Italy, EU FP-6 research grants (IST-2005-045541 and IST-2005-045269) on robotics (development of gas sensors for mobile robots), and Marie-Curie Network of Excellence.

    Professor Nabok extensively collaborates with the Biomedical Research Centre (SHU) and other universities and companies in UK (Universities of Sheffield, Cranfield , Leeds, Chichester, TQ Environmental), EU (University of Parma (Italy), University of Perpignan (France), Agro-Environmental Research Institute, National Agricultural and Research Centre (NARIC, Hungary), National University of Life & Environmental Sciences (Ukraine), and worldwide (Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel), UTHM (Malaysia), University of Sao Paolo (USP, Brazil)).

  • Publications

  • Other activities

    Member of American Chemical Society
    Member of KTN Sensors & Instrumentation
    Member of the International Programme Committee of European Conferences on Organized Films (ECOF)
    Visiting professor at UTHM, Malaysia
    member of Editorial board of BioNanoScience (Springer)
    External examiner for PhD
    Reviewer for ACS, RSC, Elsevier, IoP , IEEE, Springer, etc.

  • Postgraduate supervision

    Prof. Alexei Nabok is a Director of Study (DoS) of three full-time overseas PhD students from Iraq. He was a DoS of eight PhDs at SHU, and two PhDs in Ukraine (all successfully completed), and a second supervisor of 12 PhD students at SHU. He acts as a PhD examiner both externally (6 PhDs) and internally (15 PhDs).

    Alexei Nabok is a Postgraduate Tutor at MERI, SHU.

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