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Papken Hovespian

Professor Papken Hovsepian

Head of Thin Films Research Centre


Professor Hovsepian is head of the Thin Films Research Centre and the Nanotechnology Centre for PVD Research at MERI. His major field of endeavour is fundamental research and development of technologies for deposition of application tailored nanoscale multilayer structured PVD coatings using advanced deposition techniques such as Magnetron Sputtering, Cathodic Arc Evaporation and HIPIMS. Examples include corrosion and wear resistant coatings, high temperature oxidation resistant coatings, tribological low friction coatings and coatings for biomedical applications. Professor Hovsepian has published more than 240 scientific papers, has been granted 12 patents. He is a member of EJCPISE, IUVSTA, BVC and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, UK.

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