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Wayne Cranton

Professor Wayne M Cranton

Dean of Research


I am Dean of Research at Sheffield Hallam University. My research is concerned with the study of thin film materials for photonic devices.

  • Teaching

    Department of Engineering and Mathematics

    I teach on the Physics programme at Sheffield Hallam University, as the module leader for `Vibrations, Waves and Optics'. 

    Subject Area/Group: Physics.


    - Vibrations, Waves and Optics.

  • Research

    • Thin Films Research Centre
    • Materials and Engineering Research Institute

    My research is concerned with the study of thin film materials for electronic and photonic devices including light emitting, photovoltaic and sensor devices.

    This has involved a number of collaborative applied research and development programmes on the deposition and processing of phosphors, dielectrics, and metal oxide semiconductors, with emphasis on the localised photonic processing of materials for low temperature functionalisation of materials.

    Wayne is editor in Chief for the `Handbook of Visual Display Technology’, Springer Verlag (2016), ISBN 978-3-319-14345-3

    Current research projects

    - Laser processing of materials for electronics and photonics.

    Collaborators and sponsors

    - Nottingham Trent University;
    - Aristotle University, Greece;
    - Pragmatic Printing Ltd;
    - Plasma Quest Ltd.

  • Publications

    Tsakonas, C., Kuznetsov, V. L., Cranton, W. M., Kalfagiannis, N., Abusabee, K. M., Koutsogeorgis, D. C., . . . Edwards, P. P. (2017). Low temperature sputter-deposited ZnO films with enhanced
    Hall mobility using excimer laser post-processing. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 50(48). doi:10.1088/1361-6463/aa9316

    El Hamali, S. O., Cranton, W. M., Kalfagiannis, N., Hou, X., Ranson, R., & Koutsogeorgis, D. C. (2016). Enhanced electrical and optical properties of room temperature deposited Aluminium doped Zinc Oxide (AZO) thin films by excimer laser annealing. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 80, 45-51. doi:10.1016/j.optlaseng.2015.12.010

    Kalfagiannis, N., Siozios, A., Bellas, D. V., Toliopoulos, D., Bowen, L., Pliatsikas, N., . . . Patsalas, P. (2016). Selective modification of nanoparticle arrays by laser-induced self assembly (MONA-LISA): putting control into bottom-up plasmonic nanostructuring. Nanoscale, 8(15), 8236-8244. doi:10.1039/C5NR09192F

    Tsakonas, C., Wakeham, S., Cranton, W. M., Thwaites, M., Boutaud, G., Farrow, C., . . . Ranson, R. (2015). Transparent and Flexible Thin Film Electroluminescent Devices Using HiTUS Deposition and Laser Processing Fabrication. IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society, 4(1), 22-29. doi:10.1109/JEDS.2015.2497086

    Siozios, A., Koutsogeorgis, D. C., Lidorikis, E., Dimitrakopulos, G. P., Pliatsikas, N., Vourlias, G., . . . Patsalas, P. (2015). Laser-matter interactions, phase changes and diffusion phenomena during laser annealing of plasmonic AlN:Ag templates and their applications in optical encoding. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 48(28), 1-13. doi:10.1088/0022-3727/48/28/285306

    Siozios, A., Kalfagiannis, N., Bellas, D. V., Bazioti, C., Dimitrakopulos, G. P., Vourlias, G., . . . Patsalas, P. (2015). Sub-surface laser nanostructuring in stratified metal/dielectric media: A versatile platform towards flexible, durable and large-scale plasmonic writing. Nanotechnology, 26(15), 1-10. doi:10.1088/0957-4484/26/15/155301

    Tsakonas, C., Cranton, W., Li, F., Abusabee, K., Flewitt, A., Koutsogeorgis, D., & Ranson, R. (2013). Intrinsic photoluminescence from low temperature deposited zinc oxide thin films as a function of laser and thermal annealing. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 46(9), 095305. doi:10.1088/0022-3727/46/9/095305

    A list of publications is available from the institutional repository, SHURA

  • Postgraduate supervision

    Professor Cranton has supervised 15 PHD students to completion, and is interested in supervising projects based on experimental studies of thin film deposition, processing and characterisation for electronic device applications.

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