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Design Futures

Design Futures is a commercially focused product and packaging design consultancy group based within Sheffield Hallam University. We understand the role of design and how it can be harnessed to support product, packaging and brand strategies. We have a proven track record of stimulating innovation that can provide significant returns on investment.

Art and Design Research Centre

The Art and Design Research Centre (ADRC) is one of Britain's leading centres for research in the creative disciplines of fine art, design and media production. We have pioneered new thinking in how we can apply the expertise and experience of artists and designers to the creation of knowledge, striking a balance between developing the theory that drives our academic disciplines and making practical contributions to our economic and cultural life.

Communication and Computing Research Centre

The Communication and Computing Research Centre (CCRC) is concerned with analysing the nature of effective communication, exploring the use and design of technology, and investigating research issues common to these areas of study. The CCRC has cultivated strong links with other research disciplines within the University in addition to forming extensive links with industrial and other external agencies.


Lab4Living is a partnership between researchers in health and design, between practitioners and designers and, most importantly between individuals who use products and services and the designers of these. This creative partnership brings together research expertise spanning the fields of health, rehabilitation, design, engineering, ergonomics and user led design.

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